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As the situation is getting really intense in the Splitsvilla 12, Sunny Leone and Rannvijay decided to bring the contestants a little more closer.

In tonight's episode of MTV Splitsvilla 12, contestants will be seen performing a crazy task wherein the girl will take out a butterfly from the boys' bare bodies while she is blindfolded. The boy will guide her all the way through and help her complete the task.

In next task, girls will be asked to stick the butterfly to boys' bare bodies with the help of a fly flapper. And there's no need to mention that boys will have to endure the pain till they finish the task and mark themselves safe from elimination.

In the last Friday's episode, we saw how team Hunks defeating team Punks and also winning the Bae Watch Session. Interestingly, Ashish and Meisha, who are the very first ideal match of Splitsvilla 12, are now in dilemma as all their friends belong to the defeating team Punks.

It remains to be seen how Ashish and Meisha use their advantage to eliminate the unsafe contestants. For more updates on Splitsvilla 12, stay tuned to IBTimes.