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Split director M Night Shyamalan keeps his fans in the loop about developments in the sequel's script. He often takes to Twitter to tease the storyline about the upcoming Split sequel.

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Teasing the draft, Shyamalan tweeted on Wednesday saying, "Finished draft 3 of #Glass. Looked through character's eyes this pass. Let them messy up the plot in any way they wished." Actress Annet Mahendru, well known for portraying Nina Krilova in FX's The Americans, replied to his tweet, simply stating, "Cast me."

The split sequel, which is titled Glass, is a secret sequel to the director's earlier movie titled Unbreakable. Hence Split 2 will feature Bruce Willis as David Dunn from Unbreakable. The cast will also include Samuel L Jackson as Mr Glass, Anya Taylor-Joy's Casey Cooke and James McAvoy's Kevin Wendell Crumb from Split.

Shyamalan had finished the second draft of Glass in May. He had announced on Twitter that it took five weeks to finish the draft. Adding to that, he also mentioned that he began writing the third draft of the script on May 29.

It is revealed during the post-credit scene of Split that the movie is set in the Unbreakable universe. The Sixth Sense director had teased earlier on social media that combining both the worlds of Unbreakable and Split is in his dream.

Universal Pictures had officially confirmed the Split sequel in April. Split 2 aka Glass is scheduled for release on January 18, 2019.

Watch the trailer for Split here.