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There are many foodies who do not shy away from trying something new; no matter how bizarre it is for other people. Among all peculiar foods, the practice of eating insects is becoming widely popular. In fact, it is now being accepted as part of cuisines all over the world. From spiders to ant eggs, people are indulging in all sorts of strange food habits.

If you are someone who would like to try it or want to introduce some foodie friend of yours to the weirdest foods available on earth, here are some insect dishes for you that are considered delicacies in different parts of the world:

Scorpions in China

Scorpions are one of the most famous street foods in China. They are poisonous when they are raw. It needs to be deep-fried and is to be made with spices before having it.

Wasps in Japan

Sweet and crunchy wasps are children's favourite in Japan. Sweet rice crackers are filled with whole wasps and are widely enjoyed by Japanese.

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Silkworm in India

Stir-fried silkworm pupae are one of the most celebrated dishes from Assam, India. The pupae are harvested once the cocoon has been spun. They are the fried or steamed with spices.

Tarantulas in Cambodia

Fried tarantulas are popular in Cambodia. They are seasoned with salt, garlic and chilli. They are generally deep fried and the crispy tarantulas are served with sweet chilli sauce and lime.

Ant Eggs in Mexico

In Mexico, Queen Ant eggs are considered to be a delicacy. They are either eaten with eggs or they are stuffed in quesadillas. The eggs apparently taste buttery and nutty.

Crickets in Thailand

Fried crickets are very famous in Thailand, they are generally served with spices or they are dipped in chocolate. People who have tried it and loves it, says that it tastes like crispy chicken.

Mealworms in the Netherlands

This is a recent trend that has started in Netherlands. Mealworms are baked into cupcakes or muffins as a sweet treat that has become one of the delicacies of Netherland.