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Migraine is one of the most prevalent health problems with one in seven people suffering from it. Most people resort to painkillers to beat migraine, but it comes with its side effects. According to a recent Harvard Medical School study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology: "Frequent use of ibuprofen or acetaminophen may be an important factor in hearing loss."

So instead of popping pills, choose from a range of natural remedies available in your kitchen:


Ginger is a miracle cure for migraine pain. You can have ginger juice mixed with lemon juice or simply ginger tea to get a relief from the pain. It has the ability to block prostaglandins- the neurotransmitters that play an important role in inflammation. It not only fights migraine pain but also will help you to get a relief from nausea that often goes hand in hand with the headaches.


Little caffeine goes a long way in relieving migraine sting. But it doesn't work on caffeine addicts.

Plain yoghurt

The high levels of riboflavin in yoghurt help reduce the pain. It also activates beta-blockers which can prevent migraines.



Eggs provide the same B vitamin like yoghurt. Add eggs to your daily diet if you are suffering from migraine.


Reportedly, magnesium has migraine-relieving properties. Include green leafy vegetables in your diet as it contains a lot of magnesium. Spinach has 24 milligrams of it in just one cup.

Grape juice

Dehydration causes the blood volume to drop and reduces the amount of oxygen in the brain. So, having fresh grape juice can help ease the pain. Have two glasses daily, to keep yourself hydrated.


For similar reasons, watermelon too helps in reducing pain. You can have the fruit itself or make a glass of watermelon juice or watermelon-cucumber smoothie.