Virat Kohli, India vs Sri Lanka, T20

 When Virat Kohli comes to the crease to bat, there is a sense of relief among all Indian cricket lovers. Indians remain at absolute awe when the run-machine is on-field hitting sixes and guiding his team to the winning goal. However, fans may have often wondered how a cricket fan on the opposition feels about this man? Most importantly, an Australian cricket fan, as there is no denying that there is a weird love-hate relationship between the Indian skipper and the aggressive Australian team.

Well, an Australian Quora user came across the question: "Who will save the Indian cricket team from the malignant Virat Kohli?" and said: "WOW! I saw this question and just couldn't pass it up.

"I don't like Virat Kohli, haven't since the first game I saw him play. Now hang on a second, I don't mean on a personal level, I mean as a player."

Born and raised in Australia, this man is biased towards the Australian cricket team. However, he goes on to explain why he loves as well as hates Virat Kohli: "I mean come on any guy that can take the Aussies on at their own game, get in your face, annoy the sh*t out of the opposition and get hot under the collar when things go wrong, because of his passion and wanting to win, and score tons and tons of runs, he is the worst kind of player to come up against."

He further adds: "The Aussie in me wants him to not do well against Australia" but he also knows that Kohli will eventually do it.

The Australian cricket fan praises captain Kohli saying that he is a champion, a gladiator, a warrior, and that's why he hates him when he plays against the Australians and absolutely loves him when he is playing against anyone else.

Virat Kohli's men are currently getting ready for the third of the five-match ODI series against Australia which is scheduled for Sunday, September 24 at the Holkar Stadium in Indore. They have already won the first two ODIs and it's a must-win situation for the team to seal the series.