UFO Ireland
YouTube: Marian 1968

Popular conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'Mavi777' has recently uploaded a strange clip that shows a spherical UFO literally floating off the coast of Ireland. The YouTube channel revealed that the mysterious footage was shot by an airplane passenger, and interestingly, the spherical UFO spotted in Ireland seems very similar to the flying objects which we have seen Hollywood sci-fi films.

It should be noted that the strange object is perfectly circular in shape, and it hovers near the shoreline in the eeriest manner.

The video was originally uploaded to YouTube by a user named 'Marian 1968'. The uploader of the video revealed that the spectacular footage was shot on December 17, 2018, while on board a flight from Dublin to Prague.

The video soon went viral after it was shared by 'Mavi777'. After watching the video, most of the viewers argued that this object is from another world, and they outlandishly claimed that alien life is a reality. These alien enthusiasts also added that extraterrestrials from deep space used to visit the earth to monitor human activities, and some conspiracy theorists even went ahead, and made it clear that aliens are now gearing up for disclosure.

Some conspiracy theorists alleged that the government is also aware of alien UFO visits on earth. To substantiate their views, they pointed out the UFO sighting reported by pilots a few weeks back in Ireland.

On November 09, 2018, a British Airways pilot contacted the Shannon Air Traffic Control and reported that a UFO came up along the left side of the aircraft and moved rapidly towards the north at a very high acceleration. A Virgin plane pilot too reported a similar sighting on the same day, and it compelled the Irish Aviation Authority to investigate the incident. However, until now, the authorities have not released their findings of this weird incident.

In the meantime, skeptics argued that the bizarre object spotted floating above the Irish shore is nothing but a spherically shaped reservoir and the intake chamber. But in the final moments of the video, the UFO can be seen disappearing from the location, and it rules out the possibility if this object being a reservoir.