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As the Irish Aviation Authority is investigating the unusual sightings of bright lights and UFOs reported by three commercial aircraft pilots, fresh reports of UFO sightings on the same day have now surfaced online. Popular conspiracy theory website '' has recently released an eerie clip that shows two bright lights hovering in the skies, and they claim that these visuals were shot in Northern Ireland, on the same day pilots spotted high-speeding bizarre objects.

In their website post titled 'Actual Footage Of The Ireland UFO Encounter', reveals that the new sighting does correspond with one pilot's comment that there were two objects speeding in the skies.

"Dash-cam footage was uploaded by dash-cam by Sandy Laverty in Coleraine. Looks like a bolide to me. It does correspond with the one pilot's comment that there were two objects. However, that could be a coincidence," wrote on their website.

The video soon went viral, and it has already racked up more than 18,500 views. As the video became popular, conspiracy theorists soon jumped to the conclusion that alien life is a reality, and made it clear that extraterrestrial beings from advanced civilizations used to visit earth to monitor our activities.

It was on November 09 that a British pilot initially spotted a flying object and contacted Shannon Air Traffic Control to know whether there are any military exercises going on. The air traffic control soon informed the pilot that there were no such activities in and around the area.

As per the testimonial from the British pilot, the object spotted in the skies initially come up along the left side of the aircraft before it rapidly moved to the North at a very high acceleration. The pilot also revealed that the UFO spotted in the skies had bright lights on its body.

Another pilot who witnessed this sighting revealed that the UFO was travelling at twice the speed of the sound.

However, some experts argue that the objects spotted by the pilots could be a meteor or asteroid. But adamant conspiracy theorists believe that a meteor will never change its trajectory like the object did while trailing the aircraft.