The Internet has killed S Janaki again. Speculations of her death started doing rounds on social media sites on Sunday evening, 28 June, and it has been put to rest by none other than legendary singer SP Balasubrahmanyam.

SP Balasubrahmanyam and S Janaki
SP Balasubrahmanyam speaks S Janaki's death.PR Handout

SPB Reacts on FB
He took his Facebook account to announce that S Janaki is fine and slam the fake reports. "Since morning I have received about twenty calls the welfare of Janaki amma. Somebody has in the social media or somehow said she is no more. What nonsense is it? I talked to her and she is doing very well. You see, what happens is, people love some artists to the core, they may have a heart attack. Please use social media for positivity, don't make fun of these things. Don't use social media for adverse things. Long live Janaki amma, she is very safe and very healthy."

He added, "Why do you do all these things, gentlemen? Shall I call you gentlemen,"

S Janaki's son Murali Krishna has also clarified that she is doing well after undergoing a surgery.

This is not the first time that such death hoax reports are being circulated by miscreants. In 2018, speculations started doing rounds after Malayalam media wrongly reported about her health condition.

S Janaki
S JanakiSP Balasubrahmanyam/Facebook

A Blunder that came Under Criticism
On one occasion, the Students Federation of India, a wing of the Communist Party of India, bid farewell to the eminent personalities from the field of arts and cinema at an event in Kerala. During the course, there was a mention of her death, but there were no efforts to correct the mistake even by the guests.

This blunder came under severe criticism on social media.

Janaki, who has rendered her voice for more than 48,000 songs in a career spanning 60 years, started her career with Tamil movie Vidhiyin Vilayattu in 1957. She is the recipient of four National Awards and 32 state film awards, in Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, and Oriya.