S Janaki
S Janaki.PR Handout

S Janaki has become the victim of death hoax rumours several times in the last few years. Now, a student wing of a political party has offered condolence to still-alive legend, leaving her fans angry and fuming.

According to a Malayalam daily, the Students Federation of India, a wing of the Communist Part of India, the leaders bid farewell to the eminent personalities from the field of arts and cinema at an event in Kerala recently. During the course, there was a mention of her death, but there were no efforts to correct the mistake even by the guests.

The blunder is now facing criticism from the netizens. "Culturally illiterate CPM-SFI 'bid final farewell' to singer S Janaki, claiming that she has died! CPM must apologise to music connoisseurs for insulting her. No wonder it came from the same mouth that wished death to a college principal for dissenting from party line #GoodByeCPM. [sic]" A Twitter handle wrote.

Another person took potshot at the event and posted, "News: SFI Conference offers condolences to the still alive famous South Indian singer S Janaki. There were eminent personalities present in the conference, nobody corrected or objected to it. [sic]"

A few months ago, she had become the victim of fake death news. "Mother is hale and healthy. She wanted to get settled in her home town Sri Sailam (Andhra Pradesh). Thanks to the well-wishers who panicked over this news and I would like to say that she is perfectly alright," her son had given a clarification.