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Former Vice Minister Kim Hak-Eui was reportedly arrested at Incheon International Airport where he was allegedly trying to flee.

This incident further adds to the embarrassment that President Park Geun-hye has to suffer which began with the vice minister of justice resigning just six days into his job due to a sex scandal riveting the country.

It is being reported that Vice Minister Kim Hak-Eui was the latest cabinet appointee to give up his post after a series of Park's choices renounced their ministerial candidacies for ethical failings highlighted by opposition lawmakers. The sex scandal rocked the country when an alleged video recording showing Kim having sex with a woman at the country villa of a construction magnate seeking government contracts surfaced. But it didn't stop there, apparently, there were other videos implicating numerous high-level officials, including the former chief of national police.

Apparently, the Korean media have found that President Park's office, the Ministry of Justice, the Supreme Prosecutors' Office, and the police knew the existence of the video well before Kim's appointment. However, the case found traction when a woman surnamed Lee appeared on a KBS news program Thursday, claiming that Kim and Yoon raped her on multiple occasions at a villa and a studio in Seoul. 

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Lee said she has come to know that there are 30 more female victims, but that she could not elaborate on the orgy as it would have great repercussions.

"The biggest reason (why I agreed to the interview) is that the truth must be revealed," Lee said, "I found that the truth is being repeatedly covered, so I wanted to provide support (to revealing the case.)"

The case is developing, but it seems that South Korea is being overrun with sex scandals, and the country's image in the international community is suffering because of it.