Director AS Ravikumar Chowdhary's "Soukhyam" (Soukyam) starring Gopichand and Regina Cassandra in the leads, has garnered mixed reviews from the audience around the world.

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"Soukhyam" is a romantic action movie that is high on entertainment quotient. Written by Sridhar Seepana, the film revolves around the story of a happy-go-lucky boy, who is more focused on the comfort of his closed ones. He woos some problems when he falls in love with a girl. How he solves the problems will form the crux of the story.

The audiences, who have watched the movie, say that director Ravikumar Chowdhary has chosen a tried-and-tested story, which is predictable in parts. But he has got a good screenplay that has interesting twists and comedy scenes. The movie is full on entertainment, but there is nothing big in the film to boast about.

As usual, Gopichand has delivered brilliant performance, which is the main highlight of "Soukhyam". His chemistry with Regina Cassandra is a treat to watch on screens. The movie has decent production values and Anup Rubens' soundtracks are the big attractions on the technical front. A few comedy and action scenes, beautiful locales and picturisation are the other highlights of the movie, according to the audience.

We bring you viewers' verdicts on the movie shared on their Twitter handles. Here is the live update of "Soukhyam" movie review by audience:

NelloreReviews ‏@nellore_reviews

#Soukyam not so good till now,songs are horrible. @ReginaCassandra your acting and comedy was good in #Soukyam. Average 1st half comedy worked in parts. @Gopimohan #Soukyam routine film but comedy worked well.Regina,prudhvi. routine story&screenplay. Family entertainer.1 time watchable.

Sundeep ‏@sunny438

Posani comedy parledu. Ipativaraku not bad #Soukyam Ok first half #Soukyam Template prasa nasa #Soukyam Enni sarlu rastaru ra lead chars ki duplicate family setup scenes #Soukyam Brahmi as daya... Antyakshari re-mixed version with daya. Ma karma #Soukyam Done.. Na la kaaliga undi, chusina template movie ni malli chusey opika untey oo sari chudochu #Soukyam 2 spoof lu, oka antyakshari program #Soukyam 2nd half

Virat Kohli ‏@Raghava4mahesh

Non stop prasa dialogues konaaa Below average 1st half #Soukhyam 1st 45 minutes entertainment good gopichand regina songs locations super pre interval mundhu 15 minutes nuchi padukooo petessaru #Soukhyam typical routine story rotta comedy scenes prasa dialogues eppudu appatha raa TFI lo daridarm pattinchadu kona #Brucelee #Akhil #SB #Soukhyam

$hashank ‏@shasha1495

#Soukhyam first half John cussack serendipity love line edo try chesina as always kona template tho routine stuff with little humour Aatttt 30 years prudhvi as reckless star #Baahubali spoof as saahubali #Soukhyam Jai basmathi�� #Srimanthudu spoof Prudhvi as dmanthudu #Soukhyam hero kuda evaru aravale but prudhvi enter avagaane he excelled as an artist #Respect

RoHITMAN ‏@ramprince92

Interval.... Routine rotta Rod 1st half #Soukyam

Vishnu Vardhan Reddy ‏@urVVR

#Soukyam First half: Torture At peaks... Direction and Screenplay are main drawbacks. Second half lo torture thaguthundo ledo chuddam mari..

GouseJilaniAA ツ ‏@GouseJilaniAA

#Soukyam 1st half over #GopiChand 's Comedy Timing Memorizing Goosebumps Fights @ReginaCassandra looking too gorgeous in this movie

#Dictator ‏@manabalayya

watching #Soukyam, very good First half , Posani comedy,interval twists, fights super @asravikumarchow @Gopimohan @konavenkat99

Vipul Reddy ‏@tweetsbyVipul

Jus Saw #Soukhyam! @ReginaCassandra ur expressions,acting,dance WOW!

Lab Reports ‏@Inside_Infos

Average -Below average range.Comedy worked in parts...songs are just horrible. May work in B & C centres. #Soukyam

9 PM ENTERTAINMENTS ‏@AbsoluteCinemas

Just saw #Soukyam .Out and out Entertainer.Congratz to whole team.@ursgopichandt @ReginaCassandra @anuprubens

didz d CT ‏@CT_didz

Sodhi routine hero buildup 3 songs 3 fights format movie... #Soukyam

Vihari ‏@Vihu818

Excellent Movie Loved It Comedy Worked Big Time Superhit #Soukyam

Telugu360 ‏@Telugu360

#Soukyam Pretty average fare. Nothing much to write about. Expecting better comedy in second half.

Karthik ‏@KarthiTweetzz

Brahmanandam as Inspector Daya (Temper Jr.NTR spoof) Prudhvi as Reckless star does bahubali spoof #Soukyam

Manu's ‏@kaNTRimanu

Torcher ki mummy husband abba Regina tappa rest rod ki disaga express highway lo doosukelthundi #Soukyam

Tollywood Abhimani ‏@tollywoodPsych

Soukhyam Review: Average movie, Same old comedy, One time watchable for prudvi's comedy. #Soukyam

Hemanth Kumar C R ‏@crhemanth

#Soukyam is everything, except what the title suggests...damn! Shall post the review soon *Beast mode on*

AYYAPPA REDDY ‏@lucky59000

Interval fight like Lakshyam and Shouryam range now routine story but timepass entertaining comedy #Soukyam Lastlo Brahmi Temper spoof posani episode tarwata malli navvochindi kastha #Soukyam

Walter White ‏@DathuRulz

Routine Rotta Rod 1st half sir Each and every scene can be predicted #Soukyam Family meet, Pelli sambandam matladataniki poyi Apudu item song endi ra ne ayya Kukka rod 2nd half #Soukyam Walkout sir #Soukyam

Supreeth ‏@supreeth196

Sure Shot Blockbuster.......full entertaing #Soukyam