Director Srinivasa Reddy's "Mama Manchu Alludu Kanchu" (MMAK), starring Mohan Babu, Allari Naresh, Ramya Krishna and Meena, has received mixed reviews from the audience.

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"Mama Manchu Alludu Kanchu" is romantic family drama that is high on entertainment quotient. The film has been written by Srinivasa Reddy and produced by Manchu Vishnu under his home banner 24 Frames Factory. Achu Rajamani, Bappa Lahari and Raghu Kunche have composed the music for the film.

Those who have watched the movie say "MMAK" has an interesting storyline, but the slow and dragging narration spoils it. Mohan Babu, Allari Naresh, Ramya Krishna and Meena have delivered wonderful performances. Some comic scenes featuring Mohan Babu and Naresh are big highlights as well as the saving grace of this movie.

Some viewers say "Mama Manchu Alludu Kanchu" is another disaster this weekend after "Soukyam", and can be avoided.

Here is the live update of "Mama Manchu Alludu Kanchu" movie review by audience:

Das CH ‏@chs_dass

#MamaManchuAlluduKanchu ok 1st half..allari naresh is a saving grace for the film,naresh-mohan babu scenes comedy worked,good interval scene ok 2nd half clever direction without confusing the audience..comedy scenes worked in shopping mall entertaining #MamaManchuAlluduKanchu time pass flick...go and get some entertainment

Kavoori Aditya ‏@adityagaru

‪#‎MamaManchuAlluduKanchu A Grand Finishing Entertainer of 2015 My Rating 3.25/5 MohanBabu A perfect Role for Him after Long Years Allari Naresh Outstanding As usual Meena RamyaKrishna Poorna done their Best Music OK Ali Comedy Worked Well Screenplay Very Racy Direction Good First half decent second half good Overall Must Watch Family Entertainment Worth Watchful

Darshan S ‏@darshn2012

Ist half Full of laugh riot from audience... Interval bang made cracking pattas by audience claps... #MMAK

TARAK Network ‏@AaryanGautham

@HeroManoj1 @iVishnuManchu @themohanbabu @allarinaresh #MamaManchuAlluduKanchu Really Enjoyed a Lot.complete Family entertainer Anthr Hit.

Rajkamal chowdary ‏@Rajkamal6666

#MamaManchuAlluduKanchu A Perfect laugh riot. Entertains the viewers with gags and laughs.

Hemanth Kumar C R ‏@crhemanth

#MamaManchuAlluduKanchu is a throwback to the 90s. Fun stuff without any novelty

#NKPTAudiolaunch27 ‏@NTR2NTRFansCulb

#MMAK Fully Family Entrainment movie.. @HeroManoj1

Survi ‏@PavanSurvi

#MamaManchuAlluduKanchu beats #Soukyam... Hands Down!!

Srikanth Reddy.A ‏@srikanth2828

#MamaManchuAlluduKanchu Outright Disaster.

Pradeep verma ‏@Pradeep_v123

Excruciatingly painful, A Cheapjack film #MamaManchuAlluduKanchu

Sundeep ‏@sunny438

50th cinema lo guest appearance chesina allari naresh #MamaManchuAlluduKanchu Memu kuda miku dorikipoyam.. Interval.. Relief time First half lo pettina rod ki ipudu oil pustunaru. Hammaya aipoindi.. Disaster anedi chala chinna word ee cinema ki

Tapasi RY ‏@TapasiRY

#Soukyam worst oo #MamaManchuAlluduKanchu worst oo nenu cheppalenu ! Ee rendu mathram horror cinemalu kanna bhayankaranga unnayi