Director Sriram Adittya's Telugu movie "Bhale Manchi Roju" (BMR), starring Sudheer Babu, Wamiqa Gabbi and Dhanya Balakrishna, has received positive reviews from audience.

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"Bhale Manchi Roju" is a crime comedy movie that is about the kidnap of the female lead, played by Wamiqa Gabbi. The story of the film takes place in a span of 12 hours — from morning to evening. It has got an engrossing screenplay, which is different from the regular crop of films.

While Sudheer Babu, Wamiqa Gabbi and Dhanya Balakrishna are the leads in "Bhale Manchi Roju", Saikumar, Posani Krishna Murali and Paruchuri Gopala Krishna have essayed important roles in the film, which has background score and soundtracks by music director Sunny MR.

Software engineer Sriram Adittya, who has earlier worked with Google and Facebook, is making his debut as director with this movie. Vijay Kumar Reddy has co-produced the film with Shashidhar Reddy under the banner 70mm Entertainments. The film, which has a short runtime of 134 minutes, has got an "U/A" Certificate from the Regional Censor Board.

The audience, who have watched "Bhale Manchi Roju", say the first half is good and entertaining and the twist before the interval sets a moment for the story. Sudheer Babu delivered superb performance. The second half is also entertaining and 30 years Prudhvi steals the show in this portion.

We bring you the verdict on the movie viewers shared on their Twitter handles. Here is the live update of "Bhale Manchi Roju" movie review by the audience:

Obulesh Medikurthi ‏@drobulesh

Fast paced thriller comedy movie Adittya makes a terrific debut as a director and pulled it off with a variety screenplay #BhaleManchiRoju 1st half is good and entertaining..Interval block is superb......twist & turn at right place..little lag here and there... #BhaleManchiRoju 30 years Prudhvi in 2nd half is a knockout..Fantastic timing...Will give enough kick for movie lovers to end the year 2015

Narayanan ‏@narayananrl

#BhaleManchiRoju - 1st half ok.Moves slowly.Intermission twist guessable.Tempo needs to pickup in 2nd half.Shamdat camera superb #BhaleManchiRoju - Okayish crime comedy thriller.Has few good scenes.The so hyped climax comedy don evoke that much laughter. #BhaleManchiRoju - Tests your patience t lot f places.Barring that,it's enjoyable.Songs not http://needed.Camera ,coloring,editing plus

Raviteja musini ‏@raviteja_levine

Saw #BhaleManchiRoju movie ...watchable one time.story good,nice twists but some flaws and prudhvi comedy awesome @isudheerbabu


#BhaleManchiRoju ..1st half is good and entertaining..Interval block is superb. #BhaleManchiRoju ..30 years prudhvi in 2nd half is a knockout..Fantastic timing #BhaleManchiRoju is a good entertainer..Worth watching film..Prudhvi in preclimax is damm good..Congrats team

Jalapathy Gudelli ‏@JalapathyG

#BhaleManchiRoju: Decent entertainer. 1st half is damn good. Goes off the mark in the second half but comes back on to the track in the end.

Hemanth Kumar C R ‏@crhemanth

#BhaleManchiRoju - gets better and better as it progresses. Second half is super fun. 30 years Prudhvi rocks once again in climax And Sriram Adittya makes a terrific debut as a director... Surely a talent to watch out for. Film has bit of pace issues in first half

Vyas ‏@VyAs2992

Bhale Manchi Roju....!! I haven't seen such fast paced thriller comedy movie in recent times..!! The film just entangles audience for 2 hours. Screen play and Cinematography is just superb. Great job by all the team...!! It sure is a block buster.... ‪#‎bhalemanchiroju

AHITEJA ‏@ahiteja666

Good first half &Avg second half.Overall one time watchable. Interval Episode &30 years Prudvi are plus. Minus:Music &lag in 2nd half. #BMR

Express Raja !! ‏@tharungstars

Good 1st half ruined by avg 2nd half Climax lo spoof dialogues peaks Dheevara,Mamidi Thota fight,Legend dialogue #BhaleManchiRoju

AVAD ‏@avadsays

#BhaleManchiRoju is different yet entertaining @isudheerbabu hard work pays off. Slow at times but BGM was the highlight. I liked the twists

GHAJINI - 3 IDIOTS ‏@Jaqtard

#BhaleManchiRoju is fun ride with loads of twists n spectacular cinematography.. @isudheerbabu at his best ! 30 years Prudhvi is hilarious

I saw the devil ‏@raym_shaik

#BhaleManchiRoju pritviraj n posani killed it wid there comedy scenes, could watch d muvi on a repeat loop juss fr their awesomeness ✌✌

#BMR rls on 25th Dec ‏@varungds

Fast pace, refreshing comedy, Sudheer performance, spectacular visuals, superb music, twist & turn at right place made #BhaleManchiRoju

Cinema Mania ‏@ursniresh

#BhaleManchiRoju 1st half so so some dragging scenes, interval twist super.. #BhaleManchiRoju 2nd half 30years industry Prudvi comedy osm for the movie... #BhaleManchiRoju a different attempt movie... Songs r good, BGM is nice Know a days audience r accepting different zoner movies so #BhaleManchiRoju .... Kotaga dialogues rayadaniki Konavenkat anukunavu ra #BhaleManchiRoju e dialogue ki mind blowing response theater lo

PakkaNews ‏@pakkanewsdotcom

#BhaleManchiRoju rating 3.25/5 ,Plus - 1st half ,Prudhvi comedy in climax,Minus - 2nd half dragged till pre climax.

Thatsokdude ‏@thatsokdude

#BhaleManchiRoju is a decent entertainer. You can give it a shot this weekend. Fabulous job by the debutante T Sriram Adittya like emoticon

Naveen C Singh ‏@go4ncsingh

@isudheerbabu #BhaleManchiRoju is super fun & entertaining! @isudheerbabu #prudhvi #posani steal d show. A definite watch wid gud content.

#Akhil ‏@Tollywood_King

#BhaleManchiRoju - 1st half is good, 2nd half is just ok & climax is good. Venu, Sriram(Asst. dir)& Prudhvi are excellent. Direction Superb

Kittu ‏@KittuKrrishna

#BhaleManchiRoju is a winner ... Super fun with arresting visuals and screenplay .... and @isudheerbabu slayed it ..

CineBucket ‏@cinebucket

#BhaleManchiRoju is a decent entertainer. You can give it a shot this weekend. Fabulous job by the debutante T Sriram Adittya like emoticon

Konaseema Kurrodu ‏@sreeramtej 53s53 seconds ago

done with #BhaleManchiRoju climax lo prudhvi comedy pekata aadesadu , good interval , posani comedy worked in pieces rest all avg

Bharath ‏@bharath747

30 years prudhvi comedy super #BhaleManchiRoju Interval block climax 10 mins prudhvi comedy thappa movie lo em ledhu easy ga avoid cheseyachu..worst BGM #BhaleManchiRoju

G Sriniwasa Kumar ‏@SKNonline

30 years prudhvi #BhaleManchiRoju finishing lo terrific episode. #BhaleManchiRoju is a cool nice fun ride in year ending. Watch it with family. Short film maker SriRam did nice job Cinematography Music