Clarifying the doubts over the services that will remain open during the nation-wide lockdown, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has released its new order on Saturday, April 25. The order explains clarification on the services that would remain open or shut in rural and urban areas for these days.

people waiting outside liquor shops during lockdown
people waiting outside liquor shops in Tamil Nadu during lockdown

Shops in rural areas remain open

Punya Salila, Joint Secretary (Home Affairs) has released the new order that modified the guidelines, allowing all shops in rural areas, except those in shopping malls to be open.

In urban areas, meanwhile, standalone shops, neighbourhood shops, and shops in residential complexes are allowed to open.

people maintaining distancing in queue
people maintaining distancing in queue

The order clarified that the shops in markets or market complexes should also remain shut. In addition to this, shops in the containment zones or hotspots, along with the hair salons and barbershops will remain closed. The list of unavailable services also includes hotels and restaurants, as well as the sale of liquor and other such items.

Meanwhile, the online delivery of goods and essential things by e-commerce platforms are permitted by the MHA.

West bengal lets open sweet shops amid lockdown
West Bengal lets open sweet shops amid lockdown

The markets in urban areas are prone to large customers albeit the risk of the pandemic. While neighbourhood shops like general stores can open, it is confirmed that the electronics and hardware shops in organised market places will have to keep its shutters down.