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Sony PlayStation Live Events Viewer app now stares at a phase-out from January 10Sony

In a major development applicable to users of Sony PS4 and PS3 consoles across the world, the PlayStation Live Event Viewer app would very soon be phased out. This means that purchase from the PlayStation Store would be the only way of enjoying live events. This announcement, potentially marks the end of the PlayStation Live Events Viewer after its debut 4 years ago.

This development could hurt owners of PS3, more than PS4, as Live Events would completely get eliminated from the previous-gen consoles. Only way for PS3 users, to view Live Events, would be via an upgrade to the current-gen PS4 or the next-gen PS4 Pro consoles.

Those with Sony PS4 devices would not be affected as Live Events can be directly availed via the PlayStation Store from January 10, 2017. As of now, the Sony PlayStation Live Events Viewer app would also cease to exist from January 10. Therefore, both PS4 as well as PS3 users are advised to check if they can access the application officially post-midnight on January 10 .

Finally, with the English calendar New Year season having begun, gamers owning Sony PS4 consoles are in for a set bonanza considering the fact that the to-be-released game in 2017 promises a visual treat along with enhanced/newer gameplay options. With this being the criteria, click here to check out a list of 5 games applicable to the PS4, which are worth checking out during 2017.

[Source: DualShockers via GameSpot].