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Sonam Kapoor got married to her long-time boyfriend Anand Ahuja on May 8 and soon after the ceremony, she adopted her husband's surname and has been flaunting it as 'Sonam Kapoor Ahuja' on her social media platforms. Many feminists were irked with her decision of changing her name soon after getting married. They slammed her and labelled her as a fake feminist. The actress has finally responded to the flak she has been receiving for the past few days.

Sonam, who has always maintained that she is a staunch feminist, tried to justify her stance by saying that she has a choice to change her name whenever she wants to do it. "I've always maintained that I'm a feminist. I have a choice to change my name when I want to do it. The fact is that Kapoor is also my father's surname. So, I chose to keep both," Sonam told DNA.

The actress seemed pretty irked by all the things written about changing her surname. She counter-questioned the media and said that why didn't they write about her husband who has also changed his name in order to stay close to both the families.

"And just to be a part of our family, Anand has also changed his name. But nobody wrote about that," she asked and added, "My husband or his family has not asked me to do anything. Likewise, he did it on his own. We anyway take our father's names, so if we can give that respect to them, we can give the same respect to our husbands, too."

She further said it is ridiculous that people are judging her the personal choice she made in her life adding that the definition of feminism is all about having the freedom to make your own choices.

"It's my personal choice and somebody judging me for it is ridiculous," Sonam said on a parting note.

Now, if you go and check Anand Ahuja's Instagram account, you will notice that he recently changed his name including Sonam's initial to Anand S Ahuja. And it could be his father Sunil Ahuja's name as well and could be called a smart move by Ahuja or just a token of love and respect.

Anand Ahuja
Anand AhujaInstagram

But since Sonam was asked about changing her surname, it seems like she herself is defeating her own statement as many Twitter users think that it was very lame and predictable response from her. "Sonam Kapoor has been talking about patriarchy in almost all her interviews and how we as a society need to change! But when SHE got a chance to change the patriarchal mindset, she chose to change her SURNAME instead! Hypocrisy," an upset Bollywood enthusiast wrote on Twitter.

"If choosing her husband's surname Ahuja is her choice than what was using before kapoor... Her family burden? Sonam Kapoor! for so many people u was bold open minded and stand. Now u prove it u too a tipical girl," another user made a point.

While another user wrote, "So, Sonam Kapoor is another middle class girl who acts and talks like feminist.... had a celebrity wedding, rituals, surname changed etc etc."

Do you think Sonam Kapoor changing her surname was a feminist choice? Was it empowering? or was she just masking patriarchy with feminism? Do let us know in comments.