Sonakshi Sinha has spoken about the people who allegedly fed the pregnant elephant pineapple stuffed with firecrackers. She said that animals are far better than humans because they are not "sick in the brain".

A pregnant elephant died after she ate pineapple filled with crackers. It is reported that the firecrackers exploded in her mouth and the female elephant died while standing in a river. Many people including some celebs condemned the unfortunate incident, which happened in Kerala's Silent Valley Forests.

Sonakshi Sinha
Sonakshi Sinhatwitter

After reading the report about the pregnant elephant's death, Sonakshi Sinha took her Twitter account to slam the people. The actress tweeted, "Why do people relate behaving badly to 'behaving like an animal?' Please behave like animals. Because animals don't kill for fun, or for their entertainment or because they're just sick in the brain. Humans do."

Sonakshi Sinha also shared a statement by World Wide Fund for Nature India (WWF India) condemning the gruesome crime. The statement reads: "WWF India condemns the gruesome death of a pregnant elephant near Malappuram, Kerala on 27 May, 2020."

The elephant just before her death

WWF India tweeted, ""WWF India strongly requests the Kerala Forest Department and local authorities to thoroughly investigate this matter and ensure that those responsible for this gruesome act are held accountable under the provisions of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972 and any applicable law so that such practices are not repeated in the future."

Sonakshi Sinha also reposted the tweet of comedian Kapil Sharma, who requested everyone to sign the petition to get justice for our Voiceless friends. The popular TV host tweeted the link and wrote, "Ministry of Law and Justice, : Justice for our Voiceless friends - Sign the Petition! via @ChangeOrg_India

Sonakshi Sinha, who turned 33 on June 2, was flooded with birthday wishes on social media. In reply to them, the actress wrote on June 3, "B'days are all about love. No matter where u are & who ur with, love is constant! I'm overwhelmed by the love I received,& I want to thank u all for making my lockdown birthday SO special! My only wish is that u all are safe &happy,& that we emerge from this stronger & better ❤"