Ferrari Chairman and CEO Sergio Marchionne
Ferrari Chairman and CEO Sergio Marchionne after the presentation of the new LaFerrari hybrid car at the 83rd Geneva Car Show.Reuters

Italian car makers, Ferrari and Lamborghini have been competing with each other for more than five decades. Both companies have a huge fan base around the world and their supercars are considered prized possessions. Over the years, the fight for supremacy in the segment has stiffened.

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Ferrari Chairman and CEO Sergio Marchionne, who is known for speaking his mind, took a dig at Lamborghini in a recent interview at the 87th Geneva Motor Show. "I have a lot of respect for Stefano Domenicali (CEO of Lamboghini). But a lot of people buy Lamborghinis because they can't get their hands on a Ferrari," reports Car Magazine. For uninitiated, Domenicali was the team principal of Ferrari Formula One team from 2008 to 2014.

The remark is expected to cause a ripple in the supercar world. Though Lamborghini has not responded to the statement, the fans of the company have already started tweetlashing the Ferrari CEO. The fight between the two companies started way back in 1960s. Automobili Lamborghini SpA was formed after its founder Ferruccio Lamborghini got snubbed by Enzo Ferrari, the founder of Ferrari. When Ferruccio Lamborghini complained of clutch problems in his Ferrari 250 GT, Enzo Ferrari replied "the problem is not with the car but with driver," reports

Marchionne also explained the target sales for 2017. The Maranello based car maker is expecting to sell less than 8,500 units this year. "The waiting list for some of our cars is long. A couple of guys that missed the cut; this is the worst thing you can do to a customer." Marchionne said.

Lamborghini delivered a record 3,457 vehicles in 2016, a 7 percent gain over 3,245 units in 2015.

Source: Car magazine