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The Asia Cup has commenced in the UAE and the cricketing world now awaits the clash of India and Pakistan. This mouth-watering prospect is the biggest draw of the tournament and one that could possibly even decide the eventual winner.

However, Gautam Gambhir is not very impressed with the cricketing authorities of both the nations and has asked for a stop on all India-Pakistan matches, even in world events and multi-nation tournaments.

'There should be a particular decision for India-Pakistan matches'

"There should be a particular decision for the forthcoming contest between the two nations. It cannot be that India can contest Pakistan in ICC and Asia Cup tournaments and not face them for a bilateral series," Gambhir said in a cricketing talk show WoW cricket.

"If the government permits India to play against Pakistan in the ICC event then give it for the series and if the series is not happening, then banish Pakistan completely. The answer will either be yes or no completely on cricket between the two countries," he further added.

Gambhir, who has always spoken passionately about the Indian soldiers, believes that the lives of the soldiers fighting at the border are far more important than any cricketing contest.

"The soldiers are more important to us, the government should first protect the boundary and then play cricket." he further said. 

Former Indian captain Kapil Dev also agreed with the sentiments of Gambhir and said that the Indian government and the board should look into the issue. However, he also said that the newly-elected Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan could help resolve issues and restore cricketing ties between the two nations.

This is not the first time the left-hander has hit out against Pakistan. Earlier this year, retired Pakistan all-rounder had raked up controversy when he tweeted about Kashmir and tried to paint the Indian army in a bad light.

Gambhir took to Twitter and lashed out at Afridi for his insensitive Tweet.