The first eclipse of 2020 arrived today. India got to witness the annular Solar Eclipse, on Sunday, where the Moon covered the Sun resulting in the glorious Ring of Fire. The eclipse which began in the early hours of the morning was witnessed by many around the country.

The Annular Solar Eclipse which took place at 9:15 this morning was the first of 2020, with the next eclipse to occur after 28 months over India. The eclipse was witnessed in the band between Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, India and Southern China.

Solar eclipse 2020
Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash

Netizens share glimpses of the spectacular annular Solar Eclipse 2020

Most of India got to witness the annular Solar Eclipse that took place on June 21st. Every eclipse skygazers take to different parts of the world to witness the celestial event. However, this year was different due to the pandemic, which has limited gatherings and travel. This means many have had to enjoy the eclipse from the comfort of their homes.

The eclipse was to begin at 9:15 am (IST) today and would be visible till 3:04 pm, the maximum eclipse was to take place at 12:10 pm. For those wishing to watch the event taking place, the Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences had live-streamed the event. 

The annular solar eclipse also brought with the magical event of the ring of fire, where the Moon covers the Sun's centre only allowing the light to emerge around creating the effect we call, the 'Ring of Fire'. 

However, many netizens have been sharing experiences from the eclipse on Twitter:

The next solar eclipse of the year will take place on December 14, 2020, however, for India, this will be the last eclipse of the year to witness.