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Model-turned-nun Sofia Hayat is very popular on social media for her sizzling pictures on Instagram. The controversial diva now posted a semi-nude photo of herself, promoting "naked yoga".

Sofia posted two photos in which she is seen wrapping herself with a spiritual garment, apparently sans innerwear. She is seen meditating, and in the caption, she wrote, "I do yoga, meditation and sajda naked". According to her, being able to be naked without shame is the most beautiful thing.

Below is the caption on the post:

Yes..I do yoga..meditation and sajda naked..because that is me..Mother..who gives birth naked to all that is.
The most beautiful thing a woman can be is naked without shame..without thinking of what others think..without judgement. When you can be free of will see the kingdom of heaven on earth..when you can be free of judgement is when you will see the kingdom of heaven here on earth..and when you see each other as each other...will you see the kingdom of heaven here on earth.

When you look at yourself with deep respect and love, will you see the kingdom of heaven here on earth...when you look at every female as creator...with humility and deep respect...will you see the kingdom of heaven here on earth..her womb as the holy of holies..her breasts as nourishment and love....For it is here NOW! You are know me as your know yourselves as are in the womb. Welcom Home. Namaste shalom salaam. [sic]."

Namaste Shalom salaam.

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While some of her followers supported her view, many others started ridiculing her in the comments. Many trolled her saying she is promoting "naked yoga", but she is covering herself with the piece of clothing.

Some called it just another act of publicity, and a few others as always, made nasty comments. The former Bigg Boss contestant, who now calls herself "Gaia Mother Sofia Allah Maa", also got slammed for posting such "obscene" photos in the name of religion and God. Nonetheless, she seems to be unfazed by any such criticisms as she often makes such posts.