Sofia Hayat posts shirtless picture of Salman Khan
Sofia Hayat posts shirtless picture of Salman KhanSofia Hayat Instagram

Controversial diva, Sofia Hayat, who now claims to be a nun, recently posted a shirtless picture of Salman Khan on Instagram with a caption that made the actor's fans furious.

Sofia captioned the post and said that women respect only those men who keep their body covered up, and not those who look like "hoe". She ended the caption saying "Salman cover up or no one will marry you".

"Attention males! Y'all need to stop leaving out the house showing all your goodies. Women ain't gonna husband up a male who goes out the house looking like a hoe! That's what's wrong with you modern males. You need to be more chaste like the males of the past. If you want women to be more respectful and to stop sexually harassing you, you should cover up. No one will take you seriously looking like a hoe....Salmaan..cover up or noone will marry you!! [sic]," read the caption.

This post from Sofia received strong backlash from Salman's fans and others as well. People called her hypocrite as she herself posts lingerie-clad pictures, and talking about men covering themselves up. The post received a series of such hateful comments.

Nonetheless, Sofia later posted a video in which he explained that her earlier post was a "satire", and it was not any personal attack on Salman. She further explained that her intention was to highlight the point that how the society is always okay with men showing their bodies, but a woman is always slut-shamed for doing the same.

Sofia has a history of targeting Salman in the past. The former Bigg Boss contestant had earlier slammed Salman for allegedly staying mum when co-contestant Armaan Kohli had allegedly physically assaulted her on the reality show.

She had also expressed discontent when the actor was granted bail after being convicted in blackbuck poaching case.