We've all wanted that perfect picture at some point in time. On Thursday two girls in Madhya Pradesh stepped into an overflowing river Pench, putting their lives at risk. The two were reportedly looking to get the perfect selfie shot. 

Selfie quest gone wrong

Invariably, the two girls were stuck standing precariously on a rock for a long while before they were rescued by a task force and brought back to safety.

Two girls risk their lives for a selfie

Putting oneself in danger for a selfie is not unheard of, some would say it's become more common than one would like to admit. Two girls in Madhya Pradesh proved naysayers right, by stepping into an overflowing river to get a selfie.

The incident occurred on the Pench river, in MP's Chhindwara district, a video is going viral on the internet of the two girls standing on the rock waiting to get rescued. This massive river is seen angrily overflowing. In such circumstances, the girls should have never have gotten in, in the first place.

The two were on a group picnic and were eager to get a selfie in the river, however, once they stepped in the water level rose dangerously. The others on the picnic informed authorities for their rescue. It took an hour for the two to be rescued. 

Netizens are dubbing this a 'selfie mania' on Twitter. Well, even if the two made questionable choices they got more than a selfie, they received a viral video of themselves as well.