Taraji P Henson hosting 'Saturday Night Live'
Taraji P Henson hosting 'Saturday Night Live'Screenshot/Youtube

Following the two back-to-back funny episodes of SNL hosted by Dwayne Johnson and Michael Keaton, "Empire" star Taraji P Henson will be seen hosting episode 18 of "Saturday Night Live" Season 40.

Henson, who has been promoting her musical drama show on various platforms, will be seen in the late-night sketch comedy show on Saturday, 11 April, along with musical guest Mumford & Sons.

If the promos are anything to go by, the first-time host is going to bring the house down, much like the seasoned hosts Keaton and Johnson. In case the fans are wondering if any of the Cookie-spunk will be brought to "SNL", Henson proved to one of the cast members Taran Killam that she is very much like her character in "Empire", by slapping him.

In the next promo bit, Henson taught Killam how to confront fellow cast member Kyle Mooney, regarding his sleeping in Killam's dressing room all the time. However, she refused to teach him how to talk to his mother.

The duo was also ecstatic about spending the coming Sunday out and about in New York city, enjoying the spring season, although they will have to spend an entire week in the insides of the "SNL" writing rooms and stages. However, the week might prove to be far too long, considering Killam keeps messing up all the shots.

The promo ends with Killam pitching an idea for a new show "Umpire", which revolves around a family of baseball umpires. The drama unfolds as Jenson, in baseball headgear, professes her love for Killam, who gives her two strikes before kissing her.

Watch out for season 40 episode 18 of "Saturday Night Live" on 11 April, Saturday, at 11.30 (EST) on NBC.