Chris Hemsworth to host SNL Season 40 Episode 15.
Chris Hemsworth to host SNL Season 40 Episode 15.Facebook/ Chris Hemsworth

'Thor' star Chris Hemsworth will be hosting season 40 episode 15 of Saturday Night Live, to be aired on 1 March. As the 'sexiest man alive' is preparing to show off his funny bone, fans are speculating as to how great he would be in some of the recurring sketches of the 40-year-old show.

While Dakota Johnson, star of '50 Shades of Grey' was among the better hosts of season 40, SNL is being criticised for half-boiled sketches and not-so-diverse content in recent times. Therefore, a lot of hope is riding on Hemsworth in terms shaking off the dry spell, along with making a mark as the first Australian to host SNL since Hugh Jackman did so a decade ago.

'Avengers' jokes or at least a skit specific to 'Thor' would be expected, especially since SNL is known to poke fun at the franchise. When Jeremy Renner, who plays 'Hawkeye' in 'Avengers', hosted in 2014, Hensworth's long locks and lack of a 'scrunchy' was the source of some jokes.

There are also many recurring sketches on SNL that would do well with the addition of Hemsworth.

Bobby Moynihan's "Kirby" would provide Hemsworth a spot to display his comedic talents. Granted, with "Kirby" being the outrageous astronaut that can't stop talking about his "little kitty cat", there generally is spot only for the straight men. However, he could very well be the crazy co-astronaut that talks non-stop about his own pet, much akin to Drew Barrymore playing Gigly to Kristen Wiig's Gilly.

Hemsworth could also be a great sleazy hook-up for Kate McKinnon in 'Last Call'. With him regarded as the sexiest man alive, it would be quite hilarious to see him playing a drunken bum and sharing spit with McKinnon's Sheila Sovage, in homage to their characters' complete lack of chemistry.

Another great gig for the 'Thor' star would be to be the part of 'Ms Meadows' poetry class'. He could be a fellow teacher who shares Vanessa Bayers' intensity and passion or a student that falls in love with Meadows, much like Miley Cyrus and Drake did when they hosted.

'Girlfriends Talk Show' hosted by Aidy Bryant and Cecily Strong as teenagers Morgan and Kyra could, also hold a great spot for Hemsworths' untapped comic talent. Morgan, who is insecure and quite unpopular from the look of things, could bring the handsome and cool Hensworth as her guest, and watch regretfully, as he takes over the show and charms Kyra in the process.

"Zac Brown Band" would also be making their debut in SNL as the musical guests need to be seen, if like 'One Direction' and 'Maroon 5' in the past, they would get involved in the sketches as well.