Leslie Jones and Chris Hemsworth in SNL 40
Leslie Jones and Chris Hemsworth in SNL 40.Screenshot/Youtube

"Avengers: Age of Ultron" star Chris Hemsworth is just a couple of days away from making his "Saturday Night Live" debut, and the promo videos suggest that the comedy show would be taking full advantage of his "sex symbol" status. In both the promos the Australian actor shot for episode 15, he is ogled by female cast members; Kate McKinnon the first time, and by Leslie Jones next.

For his promo with the musical guest "Zack Brown Band", Hemsworth shared the screen with Leslie Jones, who is famous for her aggressive characters. After the "Avengers" actor introduced himself and the band, Jones says, "By the Power of Greyskull". Hemsworth corrects her saying, "That's He-Man... I play Thor". Jones responds with, "Whatever, baby, just stay pretty" as Hemsworth shrugs as he lays his head on Jones' cheek.

In the next bit, first Jones and then Zac Brown interrupt him before he can say his lines. In the final bit, the band has left the stage, and Jones and Hemsworth are seen snuggling into each other as the latter says he will be hosting the SNL season 40 episode 15. Jones then says, "Man, I feel like anything I say right now to you is gonna get me in trouble with HR," which Hemsworth also concedes with.

Jones screeches that she's not going to say anything and Hemsworth seems to be controlling his sexual urges, whispers, "I think that's probably smart," and bites his lip.

For his first promo, the "sexiest man alive" begins by saying that he is "Chris Hemsworth.. I'll be hosting SNL with musical guest Zack Brown Band". When the host reminds McKinnon, who keeps staring at him throughout the bit that she has to say her line, McKinnon looks at the camera for a second and keeps looking at his admittedly hot body.

In another bit, the duo tries to recreate the lifting scene from "Dirty Dancing", but fails miserably when Hemsworth puts her in a choke-hold before admitting that he has never seen the iconic movie. The duo also makes a joke about "Thor" before McKinnon gets him to "reveal" that Hemsworth was created by the Australian government in the future and then sent back in time to destroy the "nuclear ion mainframe".

McKinnon then uses her sly plan to "touch the Hems" by challenging him to an arm-wrestling match.

In the final bit, McKinnon gives him a pep talk as they stare at comically small weights for a man of his size. "Come on, b*t*h! Own that. You own that! You be the change! You earn it! Think about every time someone told you you couldn't do it! Think about every time someone told you that Liam was the hot one, not Chris! They were wrong!" McKinnon screams, "Get it b*t*h!" as Hemsworth bends down pick up the weights, before immediately giving up saying, "Nah, that's OK."

Hemsworth's SNL episode 15, with musical guest Zac Brown Band, airs on 7 March at 11:30pm on NBC.