Blue skies new york
YouTube: Mavi777

A strange event happened in New York on Thursday as the entire night sky turned deep blue pulling local residents to a state of panic. The bright blue light in the sky was very intense, and many people soon speculated that an alien invasion is imminent.

On the other hand, a section of doomsday mongers started arguing that the bright light in the sky is an indication of Planet X's arrival, which will result in an apocalypse on the planet.

These apocalypse believers claimed that rogue planet Nibiru is now in its collision course towards the earth, and once it reaches here, massive devastations will be triggered everywhere.

Soon, photos of the deep blue sky went viral on online spaces and many people started claiming that humans are now going through the end times. Several footages shared by eyewitnesses showed the skies flickering a bright blue light for several minutes.

However, authorities soon dismissed the apocalypse angle, and they made it clear that it is an electrical flash at a Con Edison substation in Queens which turned the skies temporarily to deep blue. The New York Police Department also confirmed the explosion, and they made it clear that there was no evidence of extraterrestrial activity.

The police also requested people to avoid the area where the explosion happened, and they added that there were no injuries or casualties as the aftermath.

Even though the government authorities have given a convincing explanation for this bizarre sky colour, adamant conspiracy theorists strongly believe that the government is intentionally covering up something sinister for unknown motives. Popular conspiracy theory channel 'Mavi777' uploaded a video to YouTube with the title, 'Sign of End of Time? Mysterious blue lights appear in the sky over New York'.

After watching the video, viewers of Mavi777 strongly agreed that the end of the world is nigh. Some other viewers argued that the mysterious blue lights in the sky could be the result of Project Blue Beam, an alleged operation carried out by elites and governments to establish a new world order.