The narrative of Skater Girl has a lot to do with the idea of being 'self-reliant', and in this case, mainly that of a young Indian girl. 

With the backdrop of Western music, Skater Girl begins its story in the intrinsic corners of India. The real western and Indian interaction begins when a young boy accidentally throws cow dung cake at a foreign lady's white shirt. When she seeks for water to clean her attire, she begins her interaction with rural India.

With the help of borrowed internet, the young crowd of the village learns about a skateboard and how the simple non-electronic vehicle has the ability to do more than just take somebody from one destination to another. 

Skater Girl

Trouble begins in the rural area when the excited children start skating in the middle of the streets, clash into the local markets and other elders who are on their bicycles. But apparently, troublesome skaters is not an Indian problem alone but has a global connection. Even in this minute detail about a simple problem-based in India, Skater Girl managed to form a global connection with audiences across the globe. 

A skatepark for women

The real 'aatmanirbhar' moment begins when thousands of Indian women, divide the labour duties among themselves to build a skate park in their wide, unruly lands. They paint the grounds themselves and start a fun project, engaging all the children of the village. Their only condition remained that they can only go skating if they go to school on a regular basis. 

Skater Girl is expected to release on Netflix on June 11.