Director Prakash Kovelamudi's Telugu movie "Size Zero" Anushka Shetty, Arya and Sonal Chauhan in the lead roles, has garnered positive reviews from the audience around the world.

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"Size Zero", which has been written by Kanika Dhillon, is a romantic drama that sends a good message to all those who are figure-conscious. The movie deals with the advantages and disadvantages of obesity in a very subtle and funny way. It is all about being happy and is more important than size zero.

Anushka Shetty has played the female lead in "Size Zero" and the story revolves around her character. She has delivered a brilliant performance, which is the main highlight of the movie. Arya and Sonal Chauhan's performances are the big assets. Prakash Raj, Urvashi, Brahmanandam and others have also done justice to their roles, say the audience, who have already watched the movie.

"Size Zero", which has been produced with a whopping budget by Prasad V Potluri, has superb technical values. MM Keeravani's Music, Kanika Dhillon's script, few comedy scenes, Nirav Shah's camera work and beautiful locations are the big attractions in the technical front.

We bring you the viewers' verdict on the movie shared on Twitter. Here is the live update of Size Zero movie review by the audience:

Sangeetha Devi ‏@Sangeetha_Devi

Mid way through #SizeZero, feel like I've gorged on boxes of laddus & jalebis already. So much food on screen.

HARI KIRAN ‏@harikiranroyal

Halfway through #SizeZero. Very Entertaining til now. Dialogues are a major plus. Sweety #Anushka 's one of the career best performances #SizeZero - An emotional 2 nd half wid good humour at Appropriate places. #Sweety #Anushka is the show stealer.Many Beautiful moments.

BVS Ravi ‏@BvsRavi

Watching #SizeZero !! Arguably #Anushka's best still date. Done wid #SizeZero #Anushka killed it. @PVPCinema congrats for making clean HEALTHY entertainer. Congrats @pkovelamudi good job mate.

Nitin Chakravarthy ‏@Nitinreddy1111 10m10 minutes ago

Anushka is bubbly as ever...Good going so far #SizeZero #Injiiduppazhagi Very lovely 1st half for #SizeZero Anushka is a real Superstar..Show stealer...Film looks very colourful with outstanding cinematography Though the proceedings move at a slow pace, Anushka's mesmerising performance & the sublime humour made it entertaining.. #SizeZero This is Anushka's career best performance #SizeZero Intermission. #SizeZero is a Beautiful film with very few flaws..Stays true to its intentions..Apart from being entertaining,it also gives us a strong msg @arya_offl bro you did fabulous job in the film..Looking forward to more telugu films from u #SizeZero Special mentions to @mmkeeravaani garu & Dop Nirav shah 4 their splendid work...Hatsoff to PVP for mounting the entire film on a grand scale #SizeZero A Good film with a Strong message..Watch it 3.25/5 Anushka the lady superstar , My respect for you has increased greatly...You are a true star..What a performance !! 'The only department which could have been much better is the 'Editing'..There are many unnecessary scenes in 2nd half A Clean entertainer that can be watched with the entire family #SizeZero Do Watch it Outstanding production values by @PVPCinema Hats off to them for believing in the subject & mounting the film on a grand scale #SizeZero

Ravi kiran ‏@kinnuPSPK

#SizeZero 1st half is Entertaining One of the Best Performances of #Anushka till date 2nd half Tv lo vache Fat burning commercial Ad program la undi #Anushka kosam chudachu anthe Kummesindii rest em ledu #SizeZero

FirstDayFirstShow ‏@fdfslive

Opening titles of #SizeZero are good.. the way director showed connection between weight machine and heroine is quite impressive. Anushka looks super bubbly #SizeZero 1st song zero zero #SizeZero is good. Dailogues are very good.. Anushka acting impressively splendid in every scene #SizeZero jogging scene was funny .. next Mella mellaga 2nd song superb #SizeZero Vinnava vinnava dolu sannayi song - Aushka #SizeZero Interval - Good family entertainer #SizeZero 2nd half going good Size sexy song - Super peppy number King @iamnagarjuna cameo Awareness campaign and song superb And the hulk @RanaDaggubati cameo wowwWw #SizeZero Mom + daughter scenes are superb,simple climax. what a movie.. enjoyed a lot.. Good family entertainer #SizeZero

Karthik Keramalu ‏@KarthikKeramalu

#SizeZero is about fitness and acceptance. It's treatment is similar to what #PK does about superstitious beliefs. #Anushka is neat as usual. She's the world of #SizeZero. Without her, the world would be motherless.

Mσηιsнα ‏@Monisha_pm

Watched my sweety #SizeZero movie Extraordinary performance anu Good story & @arya_offl Looking great jammy #MeaningOfLove & #Beyourself

Sai Kiran Reddy ‏@sayeekeyrun

#Anushka #SizeZero Its a complete sweety's show. She needs applause for her efforts and is charming on screen.. very bubbly #SizeZero film.... A Beautiful Concept... Lovely Movie Enjoyed The film...! #Anushka Feeling sad for #AarthiAgarwal #SizeZero was an awesome message movie.. Its never ever cutest performance by an actress.. #Anushka just nailed it. @PVPCinema Hats off Queen #Anushka Lady superstar of Indian cinema

SBS â€@SbsBoss

Completed watching #SizeZero ..It's fully #Sweety 's show..Good message in bottom line of movie.. @arya_offl did a nice character.Good Movie Especially that pre-climax episode of #SizeZero is excellent and different from routine..Liked @RanaDaggubati cycling and fight ..

Chakry Chakravarthi ‏@chakry10tv

#SizeZero #Anushka's best performance so far! Draggy 1st half, emotional 2nd half. Good camera work, One time watch, family entertainer.

Shrinu Nakka ‏@Imshri09

Just got done watching #SizeZero should have been a better Movie if it was helmed properly.. However, Kudos to the efforts of Crew and Cast

Pradeep Verma ‏@Pradeep_v123

#SizeZero deals with the travails of an obese damsel, the humour and emotional scenes in the second half are OK, the rest is dull :(

Anasuya Bharadwaj ‏@anusuyakhasba

Watched #SizeZero Jaan of da film undoubtedly #sweetie !!Incredible film by @PVPCinema !! Go watch!!"with Family" #looseHeadWeight

Movie Talkies ‏@MovieTakies

#SizeZero review : Size Zero has lot of commercial elements like comedy, romance and especially it has a good message for girls. 3/5

Nishitha Lingala ‏@LingalaNish

Sooooooo emotionally moved by such a beautiful film #SizeZero by far one of the best Indian movies I've seen. @arya_offl @PVPCinema

Shruthi HDL ‏@UrsShruthi

Anushka's #SizeZero is One Time Watch..Might end up as Avg - Above Avg fare Rating -(3/5)

Pradeep ‏@trulypradeep

Liked first half... Entertaining. Sweety's best till date! #SizeZero.

Sundeep ‏@sunny438

Firat half aindi.. Not bad... #SizeZero Done.. Ok movie #SizeZero

Chanti tarak ‏@chanti5447

Finished 1st half #SizeZero little little comedy & sentiment sense, Bgm good Sweety performance superb...

Vihari ‏@Vihu818

Ok first half #SizeZero


First Half Finished.... Story ithe em ledhuu... Anushka Acting Superbbb....Arya is Good..Laavu gaa unde vallaa Gurinchi Ee film #SizeZero

Vinni ‏@vinayprince143

Anushka Dedication level _/_ #SizeZero 1st half good

Rj Shiv radio city ‏@rjshiv_a3

#SizeZero Its clean & feel good fun @anushka_sweety all da way

HARI KIRAN ‏@harikiranroyal

SizeZero - Plus :Anushka,Suuperb 1st Half,Dialogues,BGM,Comedy. Minus :2nd Half My Rating:3/5. My Verdict:Abv Avg. Good Family Entertainer.