Director Imtiaz Ali's Bollywood movie "Tamasha" starring Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone in the lead roles has received positive reviews from the audience across the globe.

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Written by Imtiaz Ali, "Tamasha" is a romantic drama film, which is different from routine love stories. The movie revolves around the story of a guy named Ved (Ranbir Kapoor), who loses his self by living according to the social conventions. The movie offers a wonderful message to the viewers.

Ved, who has grown up among stories, meets Tara at an exotic island in France. He wants his story with Tara to be different. So they only lie about themselves and they decided not to meet again after return from the island. What happens when they develop fondness for each other will form the crux of the story.

The audiences, who have watched "Tamasha", say that Imtiaz Ali has penned a brilliant love story. As Ved, Ranbir Kapoor has delivered wonderful performance in it. Deepika Padukone has less screen presence, but she manages to steal the show. The movie has superb production values and AR Rahman's music and Ravi Varman's camera work are the main attractions in the technical front.

Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone have been successful in impressing the viewers once again after "Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani" (YJHD). Many film goers shared their verdict on the movie on Twitter. We bring you some unique comments. Here is the live update of "Tamasha" movie review by audience.

Faridoon Shahryar ‏@iFaridoon

.#ChaliKahani from #Tamasha is one of the most imaginatively picturised songs I've ever seen.Story idea n camera work...simply brilliant!! Interval of #Tamasha and it is beautiful cinematic experience so far...unique story telling n yes its Entertaining throughout so far!! Writer-Director Imtiaz Ali enters d league of grt directors like Raj Kapoor,Guru Dutt,Hrishikesh Mukherji with #Tamash a Classic Luv Story! What helps Imtiaz in making #Tamasha a phenomenal film (at the level of story telling) is the belief of Deepika n Ranbir.Total surrender!! .#Tamasha is not for everyone.The story is non linear,with many shades (even abstract) n u need 2 b a total movie buff 2 get serenaded!! India is blessed 2 have an actor like Ranbir.Several looks,several moods,dramatic ups n downs n a mad love 4 acting.He's a Genius!! #Tamasha Deepika looks magnetically pretty,but more than that she raises her own v high standards of acting 2 another level.Brilliant!! #Tamasha Ranbir n Deepika share ek-jism-do-jaan chemistry.This is their best film as a pair by a long distance.They MUST do more movies #Tamasha .#Corsica n #Japan bonding of DP n RK is Hugely entertaining n hilariously funny.Their timing is Spot-on, ample space 2 each other #Tamasha Imtiaz' dialogues r poetic,artistic n yet commercial.'Hoti ret hai,lagta paani'.Wah! Credit to DP n RK 4 giving full justice 2 thm #Tamasha Ravi Varman's camera work is the BIG Hero of #Tamasha.He uses various lenses n plays with ur moods as if taking u on a trippy journey... Rahman's songs n background score is another big highlight of #Tamasha.Each n every song is BRILLIANT n gets enhanced by the picturization!!

BalajiDBalaji ‏@balaji_d_balaji

#‎TAMASHA - Splendid & Matured performances from the lead pair strengthen by ARRahman's Soul stirring music makes d movie a modern day classic. Imtiaz Ali is so brilliant in his storytelling, took a seemingly simple concept - personal conflict (facade vs who you really are) and created a beautiful movie ! An unconventional experiment to be watched for its writting & making !!!

Hisham ‏@hishh

What a beautiful first half of #Tamasha. Imaginations of Imthiaz Ali , with elegance of music. The "hatke" love story , so far. #Tamasha - Story of a story teller told by the best sorry teller in India.. Career best perf by Ranbir n @deepikapadukone. Brilliant. #Tamasha - Brilliance of Imthiaz Ali with the elegance of magical @arrahman . Totally loved the movie, must watch to take home. ****/5 Peel off the outer shells , to find the inner you. Set yourself free , as sky is the limit. #Tamasha Remove the masks , which is not yours. Unclip your wings , to fly high. #Tamasha #Tamasha is satirical take on daily robotic life which most of us can relate to. Imthiaz shows hw an intense story can b told in engagin way

Sapereaude ‏@SymbolsMatter

#tamasha is one of those few Indian films that are in their own class. Couldn't have been more proud of the storytelling by Imitiaz. A great film will grow on you over repeated watchings as you discover things you may have missed. #tamasha is a great film, not just good. #tamasha with its overlapping scenes epitomizes that whatever the story is, the emotions are the same, the world across. Beautiful. #tamasha Imtiaz took a seemingly simple concept - personal conflict (facade vs who you really are) and created a beautiful narrative, proud. There are three types of Indian movies - fun loving (piku), pretentious (pk) and then beautifully crafted thought provoking ones (#tamasha). The transition of a director going from good to great. Love aaj kal to #tamasha. #imtiaz, the finest story teller in a generation.

Arjun Gurung ‏@arjungrg

Just finished watching #Tamasha and would like to say few good things about this movie! Anyways Bow my head to @deepikapadukone and Ranbir!! Loved the concept of #Tamasha! I am sure, above 80% people from the middle class society can relate to Ranbir's character after watching it No words for the chemistry between @deepikapadukone and Ranbir!! I am amazed why Ranbir chose Katrina over Deepika!!! #Tamasha "Agar Tum saath ho" is the song that I will be playing on my phone for next few days, weeks or maybe months! Awesome song n Visual #Tamasha Ranbir kapoor proved that he is still one the best performer in Bollywood what he needs is only good script #Tamasha !

Naresh Kota ‏@NK2VLNSK

#ImtiazAli what a story teller man The career best performance by #Ranbir .. #ImtiazAli just rocked as a story teller .. Financially film chances look slim #Tamasha 2015's best cinematography direction #ImtiazAli #Tamasha All the directors in India are in one zone while #ImtiazAli is in a different zone and level .. His use of camera and screenplay All you acting fans and Ranbir fans .. Don't miss the monologue near the climax by #Ranbir .. top class performance ARR just lent his hand in completing the classic #Tamasha .. #Tamasha -- nothing new yet everything worked well .. #Ranbir steals the show .. #Deepika was there! #ImtiazAli main star! After #Rockstar performance wise #Tamasha it is for me from #Ranbir .. #Barfi don't even ask me about that movie .. The variations in his character as #Don as a youngster and as a worker and performer .. Man he just nailed every frame .. #Deepika did her routine but she looked gorgeous and in the few scenes she had she did well! #Tamasha

Priya Adivarekar ‏@priyaadivarekar 44m44 minutes ago

Nobody explores the simple yet crucial reality of life the way #ImtiazAli does! Ved's complexities are relatable & real. #Tamasha Imtiaz's unique take on the whirlwind brewing up in an individual's mind is incredible! Only he could do justice to it. #Tamasha #Tamasha After a long time, we have a Hindi film that uses each song intelligently as part of the narrative, and the music is just divine! #Tamasha With his flawless portrayal of Ved, #RanbirKapoor has once again proved why he is one of the finest actors we have today. Bravo #Tamasha #RanbirKapoor's natural act makes you believe he is Ved! You live his journey, become one with him. He leaves you teary eyed.

Kritilicious ‏@iSRKian 38m38 minutes ago

Movie that confuses during the show time but gives full satisfaction & joy once you leave the cinema hall. #Tamasha is that kind of movie. It's a love story. No it's inspiring. No it's funny. No it's musical extravaganza. No it's theatrical drama. It's everything man! #Tamasha Hats off to Imtiaz Ali for taking risk. This is more artsy attempt and I'm afraid not all the people gonna accept it as beautiful experience Bit slow after interval because ved can't figure out what he wants to do. But then he explains everything so beautifully at the end. A R Rahman's music does half the work to keep you on the edge of the seat. He truly is a magician. Aap mahan ho sir _/_ #Tamasha Ranbir is obviously work of art, Duh! Deepika is no less. Especially in second half before and after Tum Saath ho song. Superb However, this film is probably nothing for ordinary moviegoers. So please go home, take your time & collect your emotions then make opinion

RJ Sanchari ‏@SanchariKoSuno

It's nt everybody's cup of tea 2 understand #Tamasha Dnt care who says wat abt the film. It's etched in my heart! Very proud of such cinema Don't watch #Tamasha if u dnt believe in magic, or storytelling or dreams related to it, or if u cnt break free from the shackles of life! #Tamasha isn't for the machines,it is for the dreamers! For those who have lived that life! Eternal bliss to watch a cinema so close to my..

Navjot Gulati ‏@Navjotalive

Tamasha. Inteval. IA,Deepu,RK and Rahman sir rocking it. Looks like a winner till now. And WTF to the censors for all the beeps. Tamasha is Imtiaz Ali's most accomplished work and Ranbir Kapoor's best performance. Watch it twice because Don Returns!!!! Dear @deepikapadukone should stop being so fucking amazing, Baaki heroines to Corsica Jana padega Nahi toh.

ADITYA KANOJIA ‏@kanojia_aditya

#Tamasha is #RanbirKapoor's best work till date.... OMG.... I'm in love with this movie.... OMG OMG Someone plz kill me..... I dreamed about #Tamasha all night..... I can die now; watched one of the best movie ever made... #TimeToLeavePlanetEarth #ArtIsGreat

Rohit Pawar ‏@ROH1T_

I liked #Tamasha becoz it talks about freedom that comes with solo travelling, being a die hard #RK fan I'll give this 4/5. @RanbirKapoorFC

Zeeshan! ‏@zee_srk_

Small role or big role, deepika still shines and gets the praises #Tamasha review.A coming of age film about not confining to society norms.A brilliant film, one the years best. 5/5*

Sonila Kar ‏@sonilakar

The story may not be new but #RanbirKapoor does a great job in #Tamasha Loved the narrative. @deepikapadukone was all right.


Outstanding performance by Ranbir and Deepika !! an awesome storyline ..#Tamasha is absolutely film of d yr !! HAT'S OFF Imtiaz Ali 4/5

Nida A. Aziz ‏@HayaFineJewelry

Take a bow my love #ImtiazAli ! You never disappoint, absolutely relished #Tamasha ❤️ Outstanding performances by @deepikapadukone #RanbirK

AlwaysBollywood ‏@AlwaysBollywood

#Tamasha review : ★★★½.. This love story of Ved & Tara is not only just different but also refreshing from all typical bollywood love saga's

likh_ke_lunga ‏@4ever_puneet

Deepika may not have the bigger role in the film but she'll have the bigger role in the film's success. #tamasha

Aish ‏@deepikalove86

Oh please. If Deepika was given a better role we know she'd steal the show. No need to drag her down...she is still getting praise #Tamasha It is sad that Imtiaz didn't tap into Deepika's potential as much despite the fact that she's grown so much as an actress. Meh, biased.

Lakshmi Murugan ‏@laks10

Watched tamasha and totally loved it. Movie was a tad too long but fresh. In love with @deepikapadukone all over again!

Sachin Rana ‏@sachintuts24

Tamasha. Imitiaz Sir gave us a unique taste of offbeat and commercial cinema. He is a real king and @deepikapadukone oh beautifully awesome

Simi Sujith ‏@simsuj

Tamasha too dragging, mundane!! Deeps is the only highlight.. the way she emotes!!! High expectations from Imtiaz.. but fails!! #tamasha


Just saw #Tamasha .. Weakest film of Imtiaz Ali till date.. Only for die hard fans of Ranbir.. Disappointed with background score.. Deepika seemed to have extended guest appearance in 2nd half.. Decent performance by Ranbir #Tamasha

Neelam Agrawal ‏@AgrawalNeelam

Very few movies make you stop and think. Tamsha was one such thought provoking and liberating experience for me. Loved it. #Tamasha

Ta:ma''sh-a ‏@RK_DPfanatic

@RanbirKapoorFC Already watched it here in Bahrain. All I can say is what I saw is a masterpiece and a blockbuster is on the way #Tamasha

Noyon Jyoti Parasara

#‎Tamasha underlines the brilliance of Imtiaz Ali. Also proves that Ranbir is the best we have Deepika Padukone it outstanding. Do not miss this. ‪#‎TamashaToday

Sonika Mishra ‏@ShonaLuv

It's #RanbirKapoor comeback with superhit #Tamasha and @deepikapadukone wat to say abt her as always Sssssuuuuppeeerrbbb Time 4 #Tamasha now

Al Mango Baba ‏@KommmanMan

#Tamasha. A new complex form of story telling format. Great Acting, Decent but courageous direction! #Review

Ashoo ‏@ashoo_k

What a wonderful, wonderful story- #Tamasha. Did the screenplay do it justice or did the director sink his teeth into it deep enough are Qs that'll make an interesting debate #Tamasha But it has some terrific movements which makes you applaud for Imtiaz- he's one of our finest! #Tamasha .@deepikapadukone how she has evolved from someone who used to make me cringe a bit in the beginning to someone whom I cant take my eyes off

IMMSY ‏@Immsy1878

#tamasha first half a total letdown ! #tamasha an average movie . Nothing great ..... But not as rubbish as movies generally releases this year inbollywood

Pallavi Patra ‏@Pallavi128

Ravi Varman's cinematography looks beautiful in #Tamasha Ranbir-Deepika up for a lot of #Tamasha in Corsica AR Rahman's music is adding to the beautiful locales captured in this love story. #Tamasha Drama unfolds. A couple of powerful performances by Kapoor brings in a refreshing twist in #Tamasha.

Rummana Ahmed ‏@reachrummana

#Tamasha interval: That complex thing called love! Sigh! #Tamasha is brilliant, Ranbir is back with a bang! Such awesome chemistry and solid storytelling. Loud applause Imtiaz Ali #Tamasha

Sankalpa R Kapoor ‏@iAdoreRanbir

1st part was average. 2nd part was awesome. In 1st part I only like corcisa wala portion! CORCISA IS WOW !(Hope to visit one day) #Tamasha In 1st part the way he enjoy.. Jese. Pahado se baatein karne.. Janvaro ki taraf pani pina ..! I want to experience this! #Tamasha And 2Nd part was awesome for me the way he tells story to his family.! Wow. Rk how how!? Can u act soo good how!? #Tamasha

Rajneesh ‏@Rajneesh_raj99n

#Tamasha has glimpse of brilliance but sluggish screenplay & repetitive storyline negates dipika and ranvir.people leave midway..where's Ali

Pushkar Tamhane ‏@PushkarTamhane

Just got out of first day first show of Tamasha. Good show guys. Amazing would be an under statement for the movie #Tamasha

Half Fry ‏@OneLastPeg

Ranbir Kapoor is flawless but after a point you have no idea what's going on in movie and where it's heading. Tiresome. #Tamasha

Ramesh ‏@rameshgowda923

Watched #Tamasha best movie of Ranbir so far..@deepikapadukone performance is too good..Imtiaz Ali is best like always..Its worth watching

Swagata Das ‏@Sticks_N_Shots

#Tamasha .. Another masterpiece by #ImtiazAli and the @deepikapadukone #RanbeerKapoor pair did it's magic again. Beautiful movie :) <3

Joseph L Fanai ‏@joseflfanai786

#Tamasha has strong leads, a rich plot and exotic shooting locations. But amidst all these "spectacular" you wonder where it all went wrong