Madhu Priya with Srikanth
Madhu Priya with SrikanthCollage of photos taken from Facebook

Telangana folk singer Madhu Priya (Madhupriya), who had filed a harassment complaint against her husband Srikanth Saturday, has withdrawn it after being counselled by the Humayun Nagar police Sunday.

Madhu Priya and Srikanth were counselled by the Humayaun Nagar police for six hours Sunday, according to Sakshi. A doctor, two psychologists, Humayun Nagar inspector S Ravinder and Asifnagar ACP Ghouse Mohiuddin were present at the counselling session. They tried to understand the problem that led her to file a complaint.

After the counselling session, the singer, who is now with her parents, said she would drop the idea of taking legal action against Srikanth. She said she would return with her husband for another counselling session if he changed his attitude.

Madhu Priya, at the age of 16, reportedly fell in love with Srikanth, a resident of the same area as the singer. A month after she turned 18, they tied the knot at a police station against the wishes of her parents. "My family members thought Srikanth was not a famous person and was poor. But money or status don't matter to me. What matters for me is a good heart," she had said.

However, Madhu Priya visited the Humayun Nagar police station Saturday morning to file a complaint, in which she said her husband Srikanth was torturing her physically and mentally. After filing the complaint, she spoke to mediapersons and regretted marrying Srikanth against her parents' wishes.

"I have learnt a bitter lesson. Srikanth, who enjoyed the money I earned through singing, began harassing me for dowry three months after our marriage. He beat me and even kicked me in the stomach. In six months, I had seen 60 years of torture," Deccan Herald quoted Madhu Priya as saying.