Sims 4, the life simulation video game for PC, was released on 2 September, 2014. This game from developer Maxis and publisher EA, as revealed earlier, will be dropping a new 'Get Together' expansion pack on 8 December.

The new pack promises players a new world with a European setting, Windenburg, something that the official post claims is "nothing you've ever seen before."

It promises players that there are lot of things to do and places to see. The new pack will be inclusive of three new Special Venues, two new Venue types and improvements, Nightclubs and Bars.

Below are the new features that will be part of the 'Get Together' pack:

The Von Haunt Estate: This is a landmark building and museum in the pack, where players can meet the ghosts of former Lord and Lady of the building.

The Bluffs: This is an island that is forgotten but  picturesque; it offers players with a view of the Windenburg lake and bonfire, allowing players to fire up some dance moves. It offers natural pool for swimming where players can see an elusive sea monster.

The Ancient Ruins: Offers a good spot for Dance Party with DJ booth and DIY stage lights, fog and laser beams.

The Cafe Venue: This is a new venue with new Barista NPC and Espresso Machine.

Community Pool Venue: New community and natural pool decorations, like pool lanes, new pool trims have been added. It also gets some pool water colours.

Nightclub and Bar Changes: This pack will see players getting European-inspired Discotheques and quaint Pubs that will also have pub games like Darts, Foosball, and Don't Wake the Llama.