The Sims 4 no doubt is a complete life simulation video game from Maxis. The Sims Studio allows players to simulate lifestyle and do more.

The recent addition of the Spa Day Game Pack on 14 July has brought with it the possibility of having Spa as a new type of Venue and even a new Wellness Skill.

Maxis had given tips that will help those who want to build their own spa instead of relying on the ones created by the company when they load The Sims 4 Spa Day. This will give players the flexibility of shaping their Spas to suit the player lifestyle in-game, which can include meditation, saunas and massages.

Below are some of the tips to build a new spa in The Sims 4 (The Sims 4):

The Start

Players will have to first select the Spa Lot type and get to know the items in Build Mode. In order to do this, they will have to go to Objects by Function > Show all > select Spa Day in the filter panel; this will enable them to see all the items that are used to build that Spa in the game.

Look for the Chair

Players must check for the chair and the Reflexologist NPCs near them for massages. Remember to leave a lot of room around the chair for the reflexologist to work when building the Spa.

The Relaxer Massage Table

These tables will allow the Sims to get massages from Massage Therapist NPCs. A Sim will be able to give other Sims massages if they have more brand-new Wellness skill, provided they are not in the Spa lot.

The Yoga Mats

There are two mats - Zen Again Yoga Mat and Instructor Zen Again Yoga Mat. While the former can be used on any lot, the latter can only be used on Spa and Gym lots. It must also be noted that the Yoga Instructor will only come on Spa and Gym lots, so players will have to set the lot correctly.

Note that the special green area will appear when placing the Instructor Zen Again Yoga Mat. So players placing the Zen Again Yoga Mat here will become eligibile to participate in the Yoga Class taught by Yoga Instructor NPC.

The Saunas

Saunas will allow up to four Sims but they must not be left there for long. There are two pre-made styled rooms - Artificial Fever Room and StoneZone Sauna.

Players have to surround all the four sides of the spa with some good looking sauna. But they can decide upon the room size. Though a door must be placed, they can also place two of them side by side.

The Stools 

The meditation stools - Ohmm My Gosh Meditation Stool and The Introspective Contemplation Stool - increase the Wellness skill of the Sims. If a player levitates, then he has had high skills. Sims who have mastered this art can teleport to different lots or any lots.

 Players must note that initially Sims will feel bored while meditating and hence distracted. Sims will meditate again when they are not bored.

Wall and Floor Patterns

There are new set of walls and floors - "Glow that Flows" Wall Panels and Floor Tile. As the name suggests, they glow and have a soothing light that matches the wall and floor light strips.

The mood of the Spa can be increased with the walls and floors. Using warmer woods will give a cozy feel and cooler stone and marble tiles will give it a modern look.


Variety of floor decorations and different styles can be availed in Spa Day, from Etherian Wooden Slatwall, Awesome Cube to a Water Wall. Players will be able to set the ambient colours for the water.

Using Beguiling Bamboo Divider or the Plant and Stones of Serenity increased the natural look of the Spa.


There is a range of new lights that includes Glow that Flows wall and floor patterns. It will also have backlit wall mirrors (Backlit Mirror of Illumination), two-story ceiling chandeliers (The Stellar Spiral), and illuminated floor decals (Illuminated Lotus).

Every room must be properly lit. Choose lights according to the place – a meditating room must be dimly lit and Yoga studio must be brightly light.

More Tips and Tricks:

  • Remember to place gender doors on your locker rooms to avoid some embarrassing moments for your Spa guests!
  • Try to have the locker rooms located close to the Mud Baths, exercise equipment and Yoga mats. That way Sims won't have to walk too far to clean themselves off.
  • Remember that you can change the colour of every light object in the game. Use this to change the ambience of rooms and locations in your Spa.
  • Set down the "Luxe Drink Tray" in a location that's easily accessible to Spa guests. These fizzy drinks are very popular with Sims!
  • Remember that you can place wall decals like the new Zen Again Wall Decal on windows.