The Sims 4 will get a new expansion pack, titled 'Get Together', in November 2015, according to the announcement from EA and Maxis at the ongoing Gamescom 2015.

Sims will finally have a new world that they can explore. Windenburg is the new European-inspired World that will feature in the expansion. The official post describes it as a mixture of modern and classic structures and styles. It will provide players with countryside setting that of a town square and also an island.

But 'Get Together' pack is more than just exploring, here Sims can join their friends and go to 'Clubs' matching their style and personality. The post on the official website says that Sims will get to choose from a variety of Clubs. In addition, they will be allowed to create and customise Clubs too.

One of the unique features here is hanging out with friends and it assures that the in-game friends will be more like those in real life. These friends will all be willing to "hang out and share experience together" in new ways.

This pack will allow Sims to boost their Dancing and DJing skills by allowing them to level up, they can use the DJ booth to give the perfect mix or have new dancing moves at an Underground Disco.

The game will be available on PC and Mac for $39.99.

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