Simbu with Oviya
Simbu with Oviya.Oviya Facebook Page

Oviya's 90 ML has been released on Friday, 1 March and opened to mixed reviews. The movie, which deals around five women, has also raised eyebrows with its bold content.

The trailer and promos had clearly shown that the Tamil movie would have ample of intimate and lip-lock scenes, but what took the fans by surprise is Simbu and Oviya's kiss sequence! Yes, it has now become the talk of the town after clips of the smooch scene went viral on social media sites.

The fans, who watched the movie in theatre, have recorded the sequence and sharing it on social media sites. However, the actress is part of multiple kissing scenes in 90 Ml.

On asking about lip-locks in 90 ML, the Bigg Boss Tamil 1 contestant had indicated that it is not a big deal anymore and such scenes are part of all the film industries in the country.

Talking about Simbu, Oviya denied being in love with him, but claimed that he is a good friend. "We are not sharing such vibe (love). Simbu is a kind of a person whom I can talk and discuss my personal issues. If I am confused or need suggestion, I can call him, any time," Oviyaa said. She is also cautious about losing his friendship. "I don't want to spoil it," she points out.

According to her, he brings in a lot positivity. "The kind of support that he gives is 'ultimate.' He becomes a backbone to the people around him. I want him to be all my life," she adds.

It has to be noted that Simbu has done a cameo in 90 ML apart from composing the music. His songs, especially Marana Matta have impressed the youngsters.

Oviyaa kiss and steamy scenes in 90 ML
A collage of sceen shots from Oviyaa's 90 ML.YouTube screenshot