Simbu with Oviya
Simbu with Oviya.Oviya Facebook Page

Oviyaa has finally spoken about the rumours on her affair with Simbu and the kind of friendship that she shares with the actor, who is fondly called as STR by his fans and well-wishers. 

Is Oviyaa in love with Simbu? Is she is dating him? These are the questions which have been asked by their fans ever since he extended his moral support to her during her stay in the Bigg Boss Tamil 1 house. Now, the actress, who is gearing up for her next release 90 ML, has given a clarity to their relationship.

In an interview, she was asked to respond to the reports of her affair with Simbu. Her instant response was, "Love can happen anytime and anywhere," she said on a lighter note. But she admitted to be having a good friendship with him.

"We are not sharing such vibe (love). Simbu is a kind of a person whom I can talk and discuss my personal issues. If I am confused or need suggestion, I can call him, any time," Oviyaa said. She is also cautious about losing his friendship. "I don't want to spoil it," she points out.

According to her, he brings in a lot positivity. "The kind of support that he gives is 'ultimate.' He becomes a backbone to the people around him. I want him to be all my life," she adds.

The actress says that she has huge respect for him. "He is STR for a reason," Oviyaa claims.

Oviyaa Ready for 90 ML Release

Her 90 ML is releasing this Friday, 1 March, to a huge hype. It is an adult comedy movie and the bold content have raised many eyebrows.

However, she is said to be in a live-in relationship with actor Aarav, who won the first season of Bigg Boss Tamil. When asked about his reaction to the trailer in the same interview, Oviyaa revealed that she had shown a troll that indicated Aarav would feel like committing suicide after watching the trailer. She said that he had encouraging words about the clip.