sikh protest
Activists from a regional Sikh political party shout slogans, as they push against a barricade installed by police, to march towards the U.S. embassy during a protest against Sunday's shooting at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, U.S., in New Delhi August 6, 2012. (Representational Image)Reuters

In a footage that has gone viral online, a Sikh man is seen assaulted by another man in a suspected racial attack in Birmingham, UK, as per reports.

According to the police spokesperson, the incident happened in Birmingham's Broad Street on Sunday, 29 March, and the hate attack is suspected to be "religiously motivated."

The victim is seen desperately trying to protect himself from attackers, as the onlookers refuses to step in.

Meanwhile, the police spokesperson said they are investigating into the matter and has asked the victim to come forward.

"We are currently making inquiries to establish exactly what has happened but at this stage, nobody has come forward to tell us they've been assaulted," PTI quoted the spokesperson as saying.

"I would encourage the man who appears to be the victim in the video to contact us, along with anyone else who was there at the time and can give us any further details," he added.

Meanwhile, several online users have reportedly questioned the indifference of the onlookers, who stood and watched instead of helping the victim.

"Disgusting how no one tries to help the guy getting attacked by loads of guys and people just stand and watch," YouTube user Allister Mackay wrote. "The sikh was taking the beating well but should have been helped instead of people just filming. Modern society is wrong. They could have witnessed a murder the way he was getting beaten how would all those standing by felt then."

Watch Video of the Attack Below: