As Twitter went down for several users globally including in India, Elon Musk on Thursday said the outage was because of backend changes to make the micro-blogging platform faster.

Twitter was down for millions of users in the US, India and other countries, with some facing problems signing in or accessing their accounts.

For some users, timelines did not refresh and many accounts were shown as non-existent.

Musk said that "significant backend server architecture changes" have been rolled out.

"Twitter should feel faster," he said in a tweet.

Elon Musk, Twitter
Elon Musk, TwitterIANS

A user responded: "Literally everyone on my feed says the site feels broken."

"Twitter is broken on the web, won't let people log in," another posted.

The platform showed error messages to several users, "Something went wrong, but don't fret -- it's not your fault. Let's try again."

According to, a website that monitors online outages, around 10,000 reports noted for Twitter across the US.


Earlier this month, Twitter came back to life after suffering a brief outage globally, including in India, as Elon Musk said "Twitter is speeding up".

The outage had hit both the Twitter mobile app and the desktop version.

The microblogging platform was down for several hours in November too as Musk took over.

(With inputs from IANS)