Actor Siddharth was trolled heavily after he mocked Akshay Kumar's non-political interview with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Twitterati says he is not eligible to US President Donald Trump.

Akshay Kumar recently had a non-political interview with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and he was seen asking questions about his personal life. The interview created a lot of buzz in the media during this election season. While the Prime Minister's followers were impressed with, the people from the left wing mocked Akshay and Modi over the questions about how you eat fruit, your sleep and work habits.

Siddharth is very active on social media and he often voices his opinions on various current affairs. His posts show that he has his leaning towards the left. Weeks after the above went on air, the actor took to his Twitter account to mock Akshay Kumar. He said that he wants to interview US President Donald Trump and ask him about how he eats fruit.

Siddharth tweeted on May 3, "Hey @realDonaldTrump since you're getting ready to be re-elected soon, might I suggest an interview with me during your elections? I have crucial questions about how you eat fruit, your sleep and work habits and also your cute personality. I have an Indian passport. DM me please."

His Twitter post did not go down well with many followers of Narendra Modi and Akshay Kumar, who trolled and condemned in their replies. They asked Siddharth about his stardom and contribution as an actor. Here are some of their mocking comments posted in response to him.

Rohit Jaiswal @rohitjswl01

Forget abt Donald Trump Siddharth... Even Your own Master @RahulGandhi will not give you any Interview, you know why... Coz ur Not Worth it.... First try to match up with #AkshayKumar stardom, your lifetime collection = his Day 1 collection.... and Yes Brother #AayegaToModiHi

Gaurav Pandya‏ @GauravPandya

Why not? provided u have done some work for US citizens, contributed selflessly for US army, donated generously during natural calamities.. and yea, u should be one of the highest tax payers in US.. Before u take a barb against @akshaykumar , u should have answered all these Qs 70 replies 230 retweets 1,142 likes

Jack‏ @RoflJack_

Obviously. One needs to pay tax amounting to trillions, serve in Army for 150 years, Donate billions in natural calamities to ask very crucial questions like whether The President of USA eats mango.

Himanshu Kulkarni‏ @hk_2025

This is what happens when you are a failed actor but you still want to be popular for whatever reason it may be

Hemanth Kashyap‏ @HemanthKashyap8

Look who is giving too much of importance to.... whom ?... haha..ofcourse himself. You r not yet that big bro.. somemore work and grow. Good luck..

Purba Mukherjee‏ @Oye_Bubblyyy

Sure. If you are working in the US, a famous and bonafied personality, contributed to American society, and of American origin (born there). Why not? Indian PM knew Akshay even before the interview. Does @realDonaldTrump know you?

Monee M‏ @moneemishra

War cry of an unsuccessful Bollywood actor who may be filling a no tax return since how many years we don't know @Actor_Siddarth

ବିବେକ ଆନନ୍ଦ ସିଂହ‏ @urviveksingh

What about PM Rajiv Gandhi ji's interview with Mrs Simi Garewal? Does that ring a bell? @akshaykumar being a Canadian has done what you Liberandus can't. Any questions? Suggestions? Confusions? Let me know.