Actor Siddharth
Actor Siddharth is criticized for his comments on Narendra Modi and Amit Shah.

Actor Siddharth has back hit at those who trolled him for his attack on Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. The war-of-words between the actor and apparent followers of the BJP started with his comment on Amit Shah's visit to Tamil Nadu.

Reacting to a Twitter trend with the hashtag - #GobackAmitShah, he posted, "The PM was tunneling through IIT to avoid the real #TamilNadu Who knows what the Shah will do. Press conference on the plane? [sic]"

The fans of BJP did not take his comments lightly as he was mocked mercilessly. Many questioned his success rate in films and accused him of taking Modi-Shah's names to get "some popularity." The actor, without getting offended, shot back saying:

Sorry big time semi person...I'm pretty sure I am known to crores of people too. But then so is every small time semi actor like me. You go drink your shikanji and sing songs for your stupidity. Have a nice day. [sic]"

Siddharth is one of the Kollywood actors who has often used Twitter to share his views on politics and social issues. Be it during Anna Hazare's anti-corruption protests or Ranveer Singh's Jack and Jones sexist ad, the actor had used the medium to fearlessly express his views without any fear.

It may be recalled that Siddharth had praised Narendra Modi after the Prime Minister announced the demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes in 2016.

 "Dear Mr.Narendra Modi. You Sir are a legend! Every patriotic Indian will sleep well tonight. Thank you for this day Sir! #CleanIndia #JaiHind [sic]," he had tweeted.

Meanwhile, Amit Shah is on a one-day trip to Tamil Nadu to re-energise the workers ahead of 2019 elections.