Shruti Haasan and her funny meme on Dothraki
Shruti Haasan and her funny meme on DothrakiTwitter

Popular south Indian actress Shruti Haasan, who recently broke up with Michael Corsale, has revealed that she has never received Valentine's Day card or gift and she does not like the idea of this day.

Shruti Haasan was recently on Lakshmi Manchu's chat show Feet Up with the Stars, when she opened up on several personal issues. She spoke about her addiction to whiskey, break up with her Michael Corsale and taking a break from acting to relaunch her singing career. She revealed that she does not like the idea of a lover's day.

When asked about the best Valentine's Day you have ever had, Shruti Haasan got uncomfortable and said, "I hate Valentine's Day. Who is that idiot who came up with this Valentine's Day? For me in school days, I was like one of the boys. So, other guys were like, Buddy play cricket with us. So this day was so depressing for me. No one gave me a card or anything."

Shruti revealed that her a friend has asked her to be his Valentine during her school days. The actress said, "In the 9th grade, one of my friends felt bad that no guy ever cared about me. None is flirting with Shruti and giving her Valentine's Day card. So he took pity and asked, "Will you be my Valentine?" I said get out of my site. I was so pissed off."

Shruti Haasan on Lakshmi Manchu's chat show
Shruti Haasan on Lakshmi Manchu's chat showScreenshot of Voot video

The Premam actress says that there is no need to particular day to celebrate love. "Even today, he is my best friend. The other day, he said, "Thank god I escaped. You are such a terror!" So I hate Valentine's Day. I don't think you need one particular day to celebrate love balloons and teddy bear," added Shruti.

Shruti Haasan is quite active on social media and she often wishes her followers on various days. She also wishes them on Valentine's Day, but in a funny way. On February 14, 2016, the actress had trolled this day, by sharing a funny meme on the character from Dothraki in the hit web series Game of Thrones. Besides, she had tweeted, "Happy Valentine's Day everyone  "