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Telugu actor Varun Tej has revealed that he got his first kiss from a girl when he was in the 10th grade, but said he has not received a lot of proposals from girls in his life.

Varun Tej, one of the hottest hunks of Tollywood, opened up on his romantic side in Lakshmi Manchu's new chat show 'Feet Up with the Stars', streaming on Voot from September 23. Talking about his first kiss, he said: "It was in 10th grade. I was 16 then. No! I was 14. It was just touch and go and nothing more than that. I can't show, but yeah! it was a little peck. I have a bad memory. I vaguely remember it."

At present, Varun Tej is the tallest actor in the Telugu film industry and his macho-man body and acting skills have earned him a large number of female fans across the globe. When asked about a memorable fan moment, the actor said: "There is this club I frequent in Hyderabad. I was with a group of friends. The DJ was playing his music. A girl hugged me from behind. I thought she was one of my friends."

Varun Tej added: "So I didn't mind and was still dancing until I spotted my friends before me. I turned around to see who was hugging me and she was some random girl. She was just holding me. All along I thought she was my friend. When I turned around, she kissed me on my cheek and ran away. I freaked out a little. I was too tall for her to reach. That moment I got scared a little bit."

The Gaddala Konda Ganesh star said that he would marry Sai Pallavi, kill Raashi Khanna and hook up with Pooja Hegde. When asked about how many girls have proposed to him, Varun Tej said: "This is a misconception. People assume you become an actor, you get numerous proposals from girls. It is not true. I suppose I didn't leave much scope. I haven't received a lot of proposals in my life."

Lakshmi Manchu asked him about a sweet gesture of a girl which touched his heart. Varun said, "There was this girl who surprised me. She was working in another city. She surprised me for my birthday. That was a nice moment for me. This was back in my college. There have been many after that, but that was the best."