There was something about vulnerable and raw about southern star Siddarth that made almost every actress he acted with, fall-in-love with him. Drastically opposite from his role in Rang De Basanti, Siddharth was never a brooder or a revolutionary. But, it was cool and calm demeanor that swept away several women off-their feet. Soha Ali Khan, Shruti Haasan and Samantha were some of them.

How they met?

Shruti and Siddharth met on a Telugu film sets and soon sparks flew. The duo got along like a house-on-fire and it was soon obvious that the two were ready to take this friendship to the next level, which they did after moving in together. A TOI report had said, "They felt they should (be in a) live-in, given that they have never really fought with each other or had any sort of misunderstandings. Shruti is head over heels in love. She is willing to even chase a career down South and keep Bollywood as a secondary option. She has rejected around five good offers. She feels proximity with her beau will make her relationship work. The couple very much wants to settle down a few years down the line."

Siddharth - Shruti Haasan
Siddharth - Shruti Haasan

The denial

Though Shruti became more comfortable with the relationship and didn't mind talking about it, in the intial days, Ms Haasan refuted all the rumours. "We both are working together in a Telugu film. I Don't know the language, Siddharth helps me to speak Telugu dialogues. He is such a wonderful co-star and a talented actor. We became great friends on the sets of this Telugu film. I am not dating Siddharth and I can clearly say that I am not in love with him," the actress had said.

On talking about introducing Siddharth to her dad, Shruti had said, "No way, I am not in a mood to get married now. I still have a long way to go in my career. Right now I would like to concentrate in my work rather introducing a guy to my dad. At this stage marriage talks are little too much for me."

Soon, owing to massive differences, the couple parted ways and moved on amicably.