The affair between Southern hottie Siddharth and Pataudi girl, Soha Ali Khan, always remained a hush-hush one. The couple chose to always keep a low profile owing to Siddharth's divorce and Soha's lineage. However, soon after the word got out and the nation was waiting for an official confirmation, the couple called it quits.

How it started?

The couple first met during the shooting of Aamir Khan's Rang De Basanti. And from there, sparks flew. The two remained in touch and with Siddharth moving to Mumbai, it became even more comfortable for the couple to give time to their relationship.

Siddharth - Soha Ali Khan
Siddharth - Soha Ali Khan

Though Soha always denied these dating rumours, their chemistry made it obvious. "We've been friends since our Rang de Basanti days. I've also stayed in touch with Alice Patten and Kunal Kapoor. I'm working with Sharman Joshi. Off and on, I've been in touch with Siddharth. We work for films in different cities. Now, that he's in Bombay, we've been catching up occasionally. That doesn't mean I'm dating him," she had told HT in an interview.

"We've seen a dozen movies together but we haven't ever arrived at the venue at the same time, except for Saawariya. That was planned. We came together in his car. In any case, what's the harm if two friends go out for a movie or two? That doesn't amount to evidence that we're dating," she had added.

The Pataudis meet the boy

There were reports that since the Pataudis had not met Siddharth, they were a bit worried about their daughter and hence, invited them for dinner. It was Siddharth's cool attitude and calm demeanour that struck a chord with Saif Ali Khan, Mansoor Ali Khan and Sharmila Tagore. The family immediately developed a liking for the actor.

What went wrong?

As per a report in India Today, Sidharth wasn't ready to be in a committed relationship that early and this led to several arguments between the two. Soha also felt that she was being prioritised in Siddharth's life which further widened the gap between them. "Soha felt that Siddharth wasn't giving her enough time and attention. Since Siddharth refused to go public about their relationship, Soha is feeling stifled. He is getting many offers in B-Town and has been refusing them all. He's having difficulty adjusting in Mumbai. Whenever they have fights, Soha is the one who ends up compromising and making up with him," the report said.