Shraddha Kapoor rang in her 34th birthday in Maldives. The actress had gone to Maldives to attend cousin Priyaank Sharma and Shaza Morani's wedding. Various pictures and videos of Shraddha's birthday party have gone viral. Amid all of that, one video has caught everyone's attention. In the video, Rohan and Shraddha are seen a bit too close. And no wonder the video has gone viral.

Shraddha Kapoor, Rohan Shrestha
Shraddha Kapoor, Rohan ShresthaInstagram

The video that has gone viral shows Shraddha Kapoor all set to cut her birthday cake. However, before she cuts her cake, Rohan is seen standing behind her. What's more, he can also be seen wrapping his arms around Shraddha before she starts cutting the cake. Throuhgout the video, Rohan stands cosily next to Ms Kapoor. Fans of Shraddha have gone into a tizzy after the video went viral.

Neither Shraddha nor Rohan have ever spoken about their relationship in public. But, the two continue to drop major relationship hints. Shradhdha's father, Shakti Kapoor had also reacted to the news of the two being a couple. "Rohan is a very nice boy. He does come home but he has come home since childhood. Shraddha hasn't told me that she plans to marry him. To me, they are still just childhood friends. I do not know if they are serious about each other," Shakti had told TOI.

Rohan Shrestha and Shraddha Kapoor
Rohan Shrestha and Shraddha Kapoor.Instagram

And now, reacting to the rumours of their closeness, Rohan Shrestha's father has said that he wouldn't object if they want to get married. He told TOI, "As far as I was told, they were friends from their college days. Besides, they have many common friends in Juhu. They both are doing so well in their professional lives, so any decision they take about being together will also be a sensible and mature one. If they decide to marry each other, I will happily do everything for them. The word 'objection' does not exist in my dictionary. And let me tell you, I call Rohan as 'My Dream', I rarely address him as 'Rohan'."