Much before Kangana Ranaut, actress Shraddha Das bashed a few Bollywood celebs, who wished that Sushant Singh Rajput should have shared his pains and problems with them before his suicide.

Shraddha Das is one of the celebs, who was shocked to learn about Sushant Singh Rajput's suicide. Soon after hearing the news, the actress tweeted, "Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide... wtf!!!!!?????"

Shraddha Das in Garuda Vega
Shraddha Das in Garuda VegaPR Handout

Shraddha Das is one of the most talented actresses down south. The actress, who made acting debut with the Telugu movie Siddu from Sikakulam in 2008, has starred in around 40 movies in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali and English languages. Despite proving her mettle, she is not getting big-ticket offers. Though it is a matter of concern, she is happy with whatever she is getting.

But Shraddha Das was furious with some Bollywood celebs for saying that they would have helped Sushant. She retweeted director Navjot Gulati's tweet, which read, "'Iss shehar mein sab fraud hai'said Manto sahab.Some people are talking about how they want to be there for people. In reality they won't take your calls, won't respond to your text and ignore you at parties when you are down and roam around you like vultures when u r successful."

Later in a series of tweets, Shraddha Das herself slammed those people, who showcased their fake nature. She wrote, "The ones who are writing I'm shocked, wish i reached out and all that nonsense... it's really fake baba...why are you wishing? You should have reached out na? What is this jumping into the bandwagon everytime..they don't even realise half of them are the cause of ds shit happening."

Sushant Singh Rajput
Sushant Singh RajputTwitter

Shraddha Das said that those people are fake and can never be real friends. She wrote, "If you ever go to a filmi party, you will realise people don't look beyond what u are wearing &how u are looking & how happening & influential you are..and once you get sucked into it,you want that fake approval again and again. These are not and can never ever be ur real friends."

The Hippi actress said that instead of understanding your feelings, they hurt you with their remarks. Shraddha Das tweeted, "Not 1 person will try to know or even make d effort to know your heart. & D arrogance & scathing remarks they can pass on a new or even seasoned one can only be tolerated by very thick skinned strong ppl! It's foolish to expect true and unflinching love,loyalty or friendship here."

Shraddha Das opined that shedding crocodile tears is the fake people's job to save themselves from most bullshit. The actress concluded, "The day you only look at this like a job, and keep your emotions aside and work, you will be protected from most bullshit!"