Planet Nine
NASA/ Lynette Cook

Conspiracy theorists all across the world strongly believe that an invisible ninth planet is lurking in the edge of the solar system, and they claim that this rogue planet popularly known as Nibiru or Planet X will one day hit the earth causing massive a doomsday-like scenario. Even though conspiracy theorists are adamant about this event in the near future, several space scientists have rubbished these claims, and they have classified it as a hoax. However, a section of top researchers believes that there could be Planet Nine in the edges of our solar system.

These scientists suggest that the weird behaviour of objects in the Kuiper belt could be the result of the gravitational force exerted by this large planet. Even though the concept of Planet Nine was initially proposed by researchers at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in 2016, no direct observations have been made so far.

Now, Michael Brown, a Caltech professor who put forward this theory has sensationally revealed that scientists are not too far away from discovering this space entity. Brown made this revelation while talking with Linda Moulton Howe of Coast to Coast AM live radio. During the talk, the professor also revealed that is pretty optimistic about knowing Planet Nine's orbit of the Sun.

"If we knew exactly where it was, we wouldn't have to be inferring, we would just go look at it and say: 'Look there it is.' So, we don't know exactly where it is because all we know is its long-term gravitational effect on these other bodies" said Brown, reports.

During the talk, Brown also suggested that Planet Nine will not be that massive as previously speculated, and he made it clear that it will not affect the solar system. 

"If it's too massive, it destroys the outer solar system. If it's not tilted the way we think it's tilted, it doesn't tilt the objects the way they're tilted. So, all these details we can infer from the detailed computer simulations we've been doing," added Brown.

As per Brown, Planet Nine sometimes comes very closer to the earth, but in these approaches, it will be staying almost seven times the distance from the Sun to Neptune. Due to this incredible distance, Planet Nine's gravity will not create any effects on the stability of the earth.

A few months back, Fred Adams, a scientist at the University of Michigan had also claimed that Planet Nine will be discovered in the next 10 to 15 years. The scientist made this conclusion after analyzing computer model simulations of the solar system. Adams also suggested the planetary position of Planet Nine could be much closer than previous estimations.