Ivan Eder, an amateur astronomer from Hungary recently spotted a mysterious sighting in the sky while he was observing the moon. At one point in time, the astronomer was shocked to see a giant planet with defined edges appearing next to the moon.

The video of the weird sighting was later shared to YouTube by popular conspiracy theory channel where it went viral. As the clip went viral, Scott C Waring, a popular extraterrestrial researcher from Taiwan analyzed it and put forward two different theories about this creepy sighting.

"First the planet itself may be in another timeline and is revealing itself due to a disturbance in the a black hole near it or possibly the inhabitants are experimenting with time travel. In other words, this could be earth from another timeline we are looking at. I believe this theory to be true," wrote Waring on his website ET Data Base.

Waring also believes that sometimes, this giant planet might be the Nibiru alias Planet X, a space body which is supposed to cause apocalypse on earth, as claimed by conspiracy theorists.

"The second possibility is that this is the ancient planet Nibiru whose orbit passes Earth once every 15,000 about. I hope it is not Nibiru. The planet is said to have an incredibly ancient species on it that is using Earth as an experiment for studying stages of their own past. Every few orbits, drastic changes on earth are made. Species go extinct, and new species appear. That is why there are many gaps in the record of human evolution. As every scientist knows, scientific subjects like rats, dogs, cats used for testing, once finished, must be exterminated (killed), so that the lab experiment doesn't pollute other future experiments," added Waring.

However, experts have dismissed both the theories put forward by Waring. As per experts, such a giant body, it comes close to the earth will cause huge tides and may cause flooding in all nooks of the earth. As no such events have happened as of now, this strange edge should be classified as a weird shaped cloud or a normal glitch in the camera.