UFO Sightings Daily/NASA, SOHO

Scott C Waring, a self-proclaimed alien researcher who is operating from Taiwan, has been exposing various anomalies from NASA images, and in many of his website posts, the conspiracy theorist had argued that the US space agency is involved in an extraterrestrial coverup. Even though sceptics have continuously dismissed his claims stating it as a classic case of pareidolia, Waring continues to make more discoveries, and now, he has spotted a giant object releasing a wave of energy near the sun.

In a recent post written on his website 'UFO Sightings Daily', Waring claimed that this gigantic alien ship could be actually Planet X, popularly known as Nibiru among conspiracy theorists. Waring believes that this giant spaceship is almost 10 to 15 times the size of the earth. As per conspiracy theorists, Nibiru is a killer planet that will once hit the planet causing massive devastation everywhere.

"I believe that this giant spacecraft is the legendary Planet X, also known by the ancients as Nibiru. It is a planet-sized spacecraft that orbits our solar system making an appearance only when it wants and where it wants. Legend has it that it flies in an orbit that passes Earth every 15,000 to 20,000 years. During that time they are supposed to gather data about the evolution of humans and all creatures on Earth, analysts the data and make minor changes in DNA of creatures, even going so far as to cause extinction on a global scale. Yes I mean the dinosaurs," wrote Waring on his website.

In the website post, Waring also argued that NASA might be well aware of this spacecraft that is now near the sun. As per Waring, NASA is intentionally doing this coverup to control the panic level of the public. The researcher also outlandishly claimed that the sun is actually hollow.

"US government and NASA knows about it already, but there is no way in hell they would ever alert the public. They want to keep the fear level down so they can control the public behaviour easier. So the real question is why are they near our sun unless the sun is truly hollow as I have stated before. I am surprised that solar observatories around the globe have not announced anything about this, but mind you, 99% of those observatories receive money from NASA to do their research and therefore must go through NASA before releasing any findings found," added Waring.

A few weeks back, Scott C Waring spotted a fossil-like structure on Mars and claimed that aliens have once thrived on the Red Planet. After making this discovery, Waring also urged the United States president Donald Trump to make him the head of NASA, so that he can unveil the mysteries regarding alien life.