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Made by boiling sugarcane juice, jaggery is a good source of iron, potassium and calcium. Though the sweetener is comparatively less refined than sugar, it is not recommended for consumption for diabetic patients.

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Jaggery even helps in maintaining blood pressure and combats oxidative stress thanks to the iron content present in it, but people with high sugar levels better keep it aside.

Jaggery comprises upto 65 to 85 percent of sucrose -- a compound which is the chief component of cane or beet sugar – which increases the blood sugar levels in the body.  

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Jaggery has the ability to impact your blood glucose levels just like sugar. Many people believe that if they use jaggery as a substitute for sugar,  it will help them maintain their blood sugar levels; it's a wrong idea.

The only way the jaggery differs from sugar is that our body takes time to absorb it.

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Though not recommended for diabetic patients, people not having high blood sugar can definitely replace sugar with jaggery as it is a healthier option.

Diabetics are recommended by the doctors to have a lower glycemic index diet as it results in having a lower demand for insulin, hence jaggery should not be consumed by people with high blood sugar levels.

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According to Ayurveda, jaggery helps in treating various ailments, such as sore throat, migrane, asthma and even lung infections.

Jaggery is defined as an "offender for a diabetics's diet" a TOI report said.